Are you a homeowner whose windows face regular wear and tears? Well, all these prompt an owner in one direction, and that’s getting replacement windows. Your kid may toss a stray ball onto the window, breaking the glass pane. So, what should you do?

You may want to neglect it, but one thing to consider is that this everyday deterioration leads to further damages. Yes, you surely don’t want to see yourself or your kids hurt by a broken glass injury. Or, you would not like the foggier appearance that’s sure to obstruct your view.

Depending on the situation, you’re unsure if you need to replace the window glass or need a total window replacement. However, the decision all comes down to two factors – the budget and preference.

But, how do you come to the right decision? Well, reading on, you’ll know if you wish to replace the glass in a window or replace the entire window completely. Let’s get going:

Glass-Only Replacement vs Whole Window Replacement - What to Consider

Window Glass Replacement vs Replacement Windows- When Do You Need It?

  • Window Glass Replacement:

Glass- only is a more straightforward fix between replacing the window glass and replacing the window altogether. If you feel that your window glass has been broken by a rock or stray baseball, thinking of a replacement window glass makes all the sense. Experts are all pro for this option as homeowners can reap the benefits of quick installation and lower cost.

  • Replacement Windows:

While replacing the window glass may seem convenient, know that a complete window replacement is a long-term solution. It is because this addresses window damages more profoundly.

Some signs that point towards the complete window replacement are:

  1. Jammed windows
  2. Frequent condensation on windows
  3. Noticeable water damages on the window hardware and surrounding areas
  4. Leaks or drafts in windows
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Window Glass Replacement vs Replacement Windows – What will be the Costs?

  • Window Glass Replacement:

Several factors come into play when you’re thinking of replacing window glass. Some deciding factors are the type of glass you wish to use, the windowpane size, and the style. Know that the average cost depends on the window glass type, whether it is single-glazed, double-glazed, laminated, or tempered. The experts suggest adding installation costs to the total costs for determining the final value.

  • Replacement Windows

Replacing an entire window is much more expensive than simply replacing the window glass. The price, too, depends on several factors like frame condition and window style. Another factor that influences prices is the construction needed for fitting a new replacement window.

Although replacing an entire window costs 50% more than replacing the glass pane, it is handy when you want to fix deeper issues. Also, if you’re trying to boost the aesthetic appeal of your house, added costs are worthwhile.

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Key Takeaways

Now that you’re aware, if you need a glass-only replacement or a whole window replacement for your house, the choice is all yours. All you’ve to determine what’s a better option for you, considering costs, damages, durability, and maintenance.

The process of making a sound decision becomes even more manageable once you have a professional by your side. Having an expert works wonders as he/she offers the best solution after closely evaluating your needs.

After all, it’s about attaining quality in every window!

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