If you found the low water sprinkles in your garden but have significant water pressure. This means there could be trouble in sprinklers. You can make the necessary repairs at home if you want to save some bucks. But calling an expert saves you lots of time.

Before reaching any decision let’s know some common sprinklers troubleshooting and ways to resolve them either on your own or from a professional.

Water Pressure Troubleshoot

  1. The Elevation Could Be Troubling

This is the most common mistake and many people avoid it. The experts recommend there must be a one feet gap between the sprinkler and water supply pipe. It makes lower water pressure and affects the sprinkler’s working efficiency.

  1. Malfunction of the Water Regulator

Water regulator helps to regulate the functioning of water supply. If it is too tight or loose, it will affect the efficiency of the sprinkler and create high or low water pressure. On the other hand, if it is broken it can create great troubleshooting in your garden. Therefore, check the water regulator and in case of damage, replace it.

  1. Head Adjustment

While fixing your sprinklers’ water pressure, you can also check head adjustment. Sometimes waterline and pressures work fine, but the root cause of troubleshooting lies in the head. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust head clockwise or anticlockwise, until you get the desired results. You can also call experts if you believe it could be hard to adjust from your end or to be on the safer side of accidents.

  1. Head Cleaning

It is very common that sprinkle’s head could be the culprit of Nesty build-ups. This could lead to bad water pressure in your sprinklers from inside the pipes or head. Therefore, if the above three steps do not succeed you can try head cleaning. You can also conduct a weekly inspection of sprinkler heads as dust and dirt are common to build-up clogs. You can also rise head with water.

  1. Head Replacement

If everything fails, it will be great to replace a sprinkler head. Sometimes sprinklers do not work properly, the damaged head could be the biggest problem. Therefore, rather than focusing on fixing it, it will be great to replace it. While fixing, allow water pressure at a normal level and then move to high and low levels. For better support, you can also call a professional that can replace the sprinkler’s head.

  1. Improve Pump Installation

If everything is fine and still you are struggling with low water pressure, means the problem might be somewhere else. You need to check the main pressure line. You can also install a new pump. Keep in mind, while installing a pump check certain requirements that fulfil your pocket and garden with enough water supply. You can also seek assistance from professionals to save the future hassle


It is important to have good water pressure in your garden. This will save water and spread an equal proportion of water in the whole garden. Following the above tips helps you to fix sprinklers water pressure troubleshoot in a short time.

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