As the warmer part of the year starts to approach, you invariably start thinking about spending a little more time in the garden. Now is the ideal time to start getting everything ready in your outdoor space, so that you can enjoy your garden time all the more once summer hits properly. Maybe it’s time to update your garden with granite paving, sandstone paving, porcelain paving and or stone cladding.

The truth is the more time that you are spending on prep, the more time you’ll be able to relax once the sun finally comes out and you can soak up some rays without a worry. If you’d rather spend your summer relaxing in the garden over getting muddy and messy, then here’s what you should be doing right now to get more from your garden this year.

Your Garden

Utilise the Space

Garden furniture is always a good thing to have. If you don’t have comfortable chairs and solid tables, then you’re going to be stuck with the chairs that you drag out of the kitchen. Set up a seating and dining area, and if you have it near the barbecue setup then all the better.

Stay Warm

Even the hottest summer days in the UK can take a turn for the chilly once the sunsets. Make sure that you have a source of heat close to your seating area. Whether you opt for a fire pit or a gas heater will depend on the kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for, but both will be better than shivering in the evening.

Fun and Games

Whether you have children in mind or not, having some lawn games is always a great idea. If you have friends and family over for a summer barbecue, then those lawn games can be a fantastic way of creating some amazing memories. Giant Jenga or croquet sets are low-cost and provide hours of fun.

Prep the Pond

Nothing is going to be a more negative factor in your garden than an overgrown or muggy pond. When they’re clean and working, ponds are brilliant in the garden and can act as an excellent focal point too. Consider utilising the services of an expert in pond management to prevent algae overgrowth or a nasty mosquito infestation which could cause a headache during the summer. Getting your pond looked at by an expert once a year is a small expense in return for having your water feature look its best and perform its best, both for you and for wildlife. Whilst you’re considering all this, you might also want to invest in some better filters and UV clarifiers from This will make it much easier to keep your pond looking as good as it should.

Grow Your Own

If you want to get more from your garden this year, then you might want to start thinking about food that you can grow. There are a million tips and guides online about the best things to plant and when, but you should look at growing the foods that you like. Learn a little about preparing the soil and pick some fruit and veg that will grow in the UK easily and with minimal care. You could end up saving money on your weekly shop!

Gardens might look stark and beautiful in the winter, but they come into their own when the sun finally returns. We might not get a lot of summertime in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the maximum fun and relaxation from your garden.

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