As the festive season is here, everyone gets busy with parties and shopping, attending guests, and pampering loved ones. The last thing you will think about is your home’s security, which is the reason why it also becomes a busy season for thieves and burglars. Residential properties are an easy target when families are out for overnight parties and vacations. The best thing that homeowners can do is stay one step ahead with home security at this time of the year.  Here are some easy and affordable measures that can make your living space burglar-proof this Christmas.

Going The Extra Mile To Secure Your Living Space This Christmas

Eliminate weak spots

The easiest way to let burglars in is through doors and windows. It would be convenient for them to access your living space through them when you aren’t around, or even when you are asleep. If you think that there are weak spots around, identify and address them at the earliest. Installing new window hinges and replacing bolts and locks wouldn’t cost a fortune but can secure your home to a significant extent.

Prioritize security when installing festive lighting

A common mistake that homeowners often commit is to leave windows partially open to feed extension cables for decorative lighting. Seasoned criminals know this vulnerability well enough to find an entry into houses. You can easily avoid this issue by installing electrical outlets outdoors rather than through open windows. Opting for battery operated lights is another good idea.

Ramp up your security system

Another way to ensure a safe Christmas this year is to invest in home security technology, such as a cell gate to control access to your property. In addition, you can ramp up your security system if you already have alarms, cameras and smart doors in place. Automating it with Xfinity home security is a smart measure to get complete and reliable coverage for your living space. You can connect the system with a mobile app, so it is possible to monitor your place even while travelling during the holidays.

Avoid giving away too much on social media

The threats to your living space extend beyond the physical ones as showing off too much on social media also puts it at high risks. Sharing holiday countdowns and updates may sound exciting but it gives enough information to stalkers planning to rob your home while you are away. Giving away the details of the trip on social media is just like welcoming them to break into your house.

Keep valuables in the bank safe

Whether you plan to travel during Christmas or are even going to be home, it makes sense to keep your valuables and cash in the bank safe during the festive season. Burglars and thieves are at large even in the safest neighborhoods at this time of the year, and you wouldn’t want them to have much to carry away if they access your home when you are away shopping or on a vacation.

Paying a little extra attention to the safety of your home in the holiday season will make Christmas more enjoyable. You will have the peace of mind that your family and belongings are safe, which makes home security a worthy investment.

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