England has a storied history, from pre-historic peoples to the last 2000 years of Celtic tribes, Roman conquerors, and Anglo Saxon and Norman invaders. These myriad cultures have left behind the remains of their civilisations too, revealing a patchwork of different influences that affect England to this day. Below, we explore some of the best cultural and historic places to visit and experience this.

The best cultural and historic places to visit in England


There’s something mystical about Stonehenge. It’s one of the most famous monuments in Europe – and for good reason. The stones date back to the Neolithic Age around 4500 years ago, and the purpose of the monument still puzzles historians today. Far from being arranged randomly the stones seem to follow celestial patterns. To get the most out of your trip try and take a guided tour to find out more about the mystery that surrounds Stonehenge.


York is a great choice if you want to visit a historical city. The city has been around in various forms for thousands of years and has witnessed the long and winding history of England. The York Minster is one of the world’s most famous cathedrals, having stood since the 7th century and is well worth a visit. But even if you don’t visit any of the famous landmarks, the city’s Georgian architecture and narrow streets are sure to give you a historic atmosphere.

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Tower of London

The Tower of London contains many dark mysteries from England’s history. William the Conqueror founded it after 1066, but it’s largely been famous for its prisoners. Thomas More, Anne Boleyn, and Thomas Cromwell were all imprisoned and executed here. While there has been intense speculation that the two princes, Edward and Richard, were murdered in the tower by Richard III in the late 1400s.

Tintagel castle

English history is powered by myths too and Tintagel is one of the best places to sample them. The remains of this castle, jutting almost into the sea in Cornwall, are heavily associated with the mythology surrounding King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

Visiting one of England’s famous cultural or historical sites can make for a perfect day out. By visiting one the places above, and by avoiding the rush of driving by searching train routes before your visit, you should be able to have a wonderful time discovering more about England’s history.

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