Ideally, when you talk about Lexington, the first thing that strikes your mind is the “battle of Lexington and Concord.” However, it’s not the war. That’s what it’s famous for. The following fun facts might intrigue you a bit.

  • It was originally projected as a farming community for Puritan worshippers.
  • There was a massive rise in population in this area, with the technology companies springing up.
  • This place played a role in the Cold war.

Well! Not everyone might be a history fanatic. So, let’s shed some light on other facts about this incredible place.

A Highlight of Residential Areas in Lexington, MA

Weather Conditions

This is such an unpredictable place that you can experience extreme weather changes in a span of a day. The area temperature can reach the 90s in summers, with winters seeing a temperature as low as 3 degrees.

Cost of Living

Overall mostly well-to-do working professionals or affluent families get attracted to this place. And with its easy access to the popular East coast cities and the best healthcare, entertainment outlets, people prefer this city over others. And if you want to buy a home for yourself, the average home value is around $769000, with more than 20% of the houses selling over a million dollars.

And if you think of renting it out, it would be a good investment since you can make around $1800 per month.

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But what about the neighbourhoods?

Let’s understand that!

You will find a dozen established neighbourhoods in Lexington, Massachusetts, each with its style and unique community culture. If you are new to this place, let us help you break it out for you.

  • Monroe Hill

More than 1000 people live in this area. It is known for its breathtaking view, amazing schools, and comfortable walkability.

  • Robinson Hill

More than 70% of the residents in this area own their homes. It is known for a friendly neighbourhood and a quiet and peaceful environment.

  • East Lexington/Follen Hills

You will find medium to large homes in this neighbourhood with an average price of around $940000.

  • Liberty Heights

This neighbourhood allows people who are interested in affordable housing.

So, depending on your personal preferences in terms of schools, restaurants, or other amenities, you must search for homes for sale and lead the type of life you always wished for. After all, purchasing a home is not a small thing. You invest your hard-earned money into this.

Wrapping up

This area is a perfect blend of high-end homes, condos, and apartments. While you won’t have to pay as much as any other Boston suburb, you’ll need to have a certain amount to afford a place of your own in this city.

Plus, the benefit of sending your children to some of the top-rated schools makes this place even more special for families with kids or the ones who are planning. You have terrific places nearby and relishing foods to taste.

Isn’t that what you always hope for? If yes, then now is the time to start looking, or else you might be left behind in the search for the finest place to call your “home.”

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