“Calliope leaned forward on the vanity, which was littered with gleaming silver beauty wands and powders and a fresh mani colour mitt—all of it arrayed carefully before her like weapons polished and laid out for battle. Her own lethal tools, which had always made her so dangerously beautiful.” ~ Katharine McGee

When talking about the perfect look, women can’t think of anything else than makeup. Women often limit themselves to the face’s flawless appearance, whereas they neglect the overall personality.

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What makeover is all about?

The makeover includes everything from what you wear to how you carry yourself. Keep a check on everything from head to toe to embrace the look of your dreams forever. What makes your makeover the best in all manners is the thought process and your intent. If you know what you want to look like, you are already halfway there.

And in case you are fed up experimenting with unexceptional ideas and now want to have some suggestions on how to drape yourself in different moods with different looks, then you have come to the right destination. We have culminated a list of some makeovers to help you get a perfect look based on your profession, lifestyle and choices.

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The corporate look

Dressing to step into a successful career is something more than choosing the right outfit for yourself. It includes looking into each detail like – hair, outfit, footwear, and accessories. The corporate look is all about draping yourself in class, being minimal while making your appearance bold and confident. For this, start with the basics, and that’s your outfit selection. Go for a formal suit or skirt in subtle colours like black, off-white, grey, turquoise, etc. Plan to pair it with a satin shirt, and you are all set to get started.

Besides this, keep the foundation simple, apply a fine line of eyeliner, avoid smoky eyes, say YES to nude-coloured lipstick, and a bit of blush. That’s all. And yes, don’t forget to tie your hair neatly as messy buns won’t make you look professional, especially on a meeting day.

The college girl

You must know how to let the kid within you come out and feel happy and comfortable in your skin. Be happening in everything from your footwear to the hairstyle you choose. When talking about the perfect college look, make sure you go for streetwear style, which would help you get plenty of options available for you. Rather than wearing dull and subtle colours, hop on vibrant and floral prints to look lively. And talking about your makeup, a stroke of eyeliner and pink lip colour is enough to make you look college-ready.

As you are going to spend the whole day long in college, applying heavy layers of makeup would make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Besides, it may end up ruining your skin too. As far as your hairstyle is concerned, go with a messy bun or loose plates, giving you the perfect college look for sure. All in all, it won’t be wrong to refer to this look as the boho or hippie look, making you look simply unique on your college campus.

The traveller girl

Do you love to dive deep in the wanderlust and hold a desire to roam the entire world? But at the same time, the zeal of looking beautiful and remaining comfortable is stopping you? Well, that’s no more the case now. You can go for free-styling to feel comfortable on your frequent travels. Rather than wearing skin fit denim and short tops, prefer to find your comfort in a loose skirt with pockets to keep you organized.

Rest it depends on the temperature and weather conditions of the place you are about to travel to. Make sure to research well and then wear something accordingly. For instance, if you are planning to visit the nation of colours – India, then settling for loose trousers with tank tops is a good option to consider. The reason is sudden weather change and your zeal for roaming each street under the scorching sun.

And as travelling is all about roaming the world of endless possibilities and exploring each street you come across; you would require to walk a lot. Therefore, make sure you are going for a pair of comfortable sneakers to walk in. Also, keep the hairstyle simple and tie your hair completely. Otherwise, you may end up ruining your natural hair texture.

The date night look

Falling in love with the right person ignites the urge of looking your best. And there is nothing wrong with it. When planning for your first-ever dinner date night, make sure your outfit and overall appearance add more to your relationship’s intensity. Rather than dressing ordinarily, pick a dress that makes you look appealing and bold. Go for darker shades like wine colour, red, royal blue, etc.

When talking about the makeup, go for subtle makeup with a darker shade of lipstick, preferably matching your dress’s colour. Keep the eye makeup to the minimal as smoky eyes or heavy makeup would ruin the charm of your glowing eyes.

While you decide to let your dinner date dress do the talking for you, keep the hairstyle comfortable and straightforward for you to carry throughout the time. If you are going for a gown dress, carry a smart handheld bag, wear a diamond-studded necklace and bracelet while putting your favourite pair of heels on. And you are all set to make him fall for you over again.

So, when are you bracing yourself to get the perfect head-turning look?

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The last word –

Adding a new tinge of grace to your personality is something that demands your time and thoughts. For this, all you need is to make the right attempt, give yourself a fresh look, play with the trending colours, and you are all set to go for the kill. You can refer to the online style guides or fashion designers to remain updated with the latest trends.

Drape in Different Moods with Different Makeovers

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