Good Morning my lovely and happy Sunday! Did you know the clock ‘fell back’: they went back by one hour at 2 AM this morning?

When the cold, rainy weather continues to sweep across the country, you know it’s that time of year again – where we welcome the thought of an extra hour’s sleep. However, this small change can have a big impact on our health.

Clocks went back

So I thought I’d share a few ideas (which I use myself) on how to embrace the clock change feeling refreshed and ready for winter.

Get some sleep

The clock change may be a little disorientating at first as you need time to synchronise with a new sleep schedule. That being said, it is only an hour and any tiredness should pass within a day or so.

Eat healthy snacks

You are what you eat, right? Some simple diet switches can help you combat winter blues in spite of the descending dark. Foods like almonds, eggs, whole grains, spinach and drinking enough water can be very beneficial.

Get into good habits

You don’t have to wait until the New Year to make resolutions, start now with making changes so by the New Year, those changes will have become habits.

Stay positive

It’s all about the mindset. Click here to find out ‘How do you get into a positive mindset?’

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