So, you lived your rom-com meetings, went through that first-ever fight, and then also your 100th. It feels like you are at the end of your journey where you don’t feel the romance. Reality strikes hard. It’s the schedules, to-do lists, or late working nights, and hundreds of errands that replace the romance in your life.

Of course, scheduling a fancy candle night dinner as your weekend getaway is an excellent way to go about it. But what about those mundane weekdays when you can’t gulp a red wine by candlelight? Not even that, the question of the hour is “why do couples lose their spark” in the first place?

Losing Spark Keep The Chemistry Alive With Your Partner Using These Tips

Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

Why Are You Losing Your Chemistry?

Besides the contradicting schedules, it’s usually the growing resentment that’s causing the lost spark. Remember, even with the best partner; romance will eventually dwindle if you stop working on it. Let’s understand using an example. If you work on your muscles, they will stay strong and in shape. But the moment you stop working on them, they will weaken.

Don’t let the butterflies transform into to-do lists. Here’s how you can grow your relationship along with your mundane routine.

Start Asking For What You Want

Let’s face it. No one can read your mind. Not even your partner. That’s why communication is crucial when it comes to romantic relationships. That’s precisely the main ingredient to keep the connection alive.

So, if you want to feel loved or feel appreciated, stop waiting for your partner to understand what you are feeling. You can take the first step and ask for it. If you want to spend some alone time, ask for it. If you want positive feedback, express your concerns about it. Once you start doing this on a usual basis, it will turn into a habit.

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Please Put Your Phone Away

Alright! This might sound a little cliche. This is something you know like from the start. Your mom might be saying it a lot. But if you don’t consider every minute you spend with your partner precious and busy yourself scrolling that Instagram feed, it won’t do any good.

Go traditional style. Have a conversation over a meal. Or go for a binge-watching session together. Whatever you do, make sure you are equally participating in it. So, if you are planning to watch “When Harry Met Sally,” make sure to stay off your “Candy Crush” sessions.

Try Something New Together

Whether you love travelling to new places together or wish to break out of your usual habits, you can create an exciting or fun routine to break down the monotony. The new environment will allow you to see your partner in a completely different zone that you never knew about. This will help you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

The idea is to explore new realms to keep the spark alive. Not only this, you can try the same ideology for your sexual relationship. Doing so will allow you to open doors to things you never thought you could enjoy. Precisely why there is an increase in the demand for a glass dildo, vibrators, whips, blindfolds, gag balls, and so on. Using this, you can take your BDSM to the next level.

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See The Humor in Your Disagreements

Everyone is quite familiar with the fact⸺ Laughter is the best medicine. Well! The same laughter can keep your spark alive. If you are together for long, you won’t take everything seriously. So, when you see the humour in an uncomfortable moment, feel free to express it.

This will turn an intense moment into a funny moment where you both can laugh and build jokes. This will eventually help you to build trust. Bring back those memories and share them with your partner. Remember, life is too short of taking everything seriously. So, laugh it out.

Don’t Stop Impressing One Another

Remember those days when you dressed up for your partner, and you might have even looked up “what are pheromones” to see if they might be able to help you when it came to encouraging that initial connection to form? You would always try to look your best for the movie time together. Wearing a pretty dress was your agenda every time you had a date. Whether it’s putting on the best attire or the perfume, make sure you don’t stop impressing your partner.

Of course, your partner saw every side of you. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing these little things once you progress in your relationship. Make them feel awestruck every time they see you. Make that little effort. They deserve it.

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Prove Your Love to Your Partner

If you want your partner to make an effort, instead of nagging them, try something for them in the first place. The right person will notice your efforts and feel inspired to do the same for you. Make sure to be generous when showing love and affection.

If this doesn’t work for you, try thinking about the things that you did initially. If you always act like it’s the beginning, no one can stop you from reigniting the lost spark.

Spend Some Time Apart

If you like to spend every waking moment together, well, some time apart from your partner can be a good thing. Even if it’s an hour or a weekend, try spending some time apart from your partner.

This will give you something to talk about, thereby breaking the monotonous life. And doing so once in a while will also increase your confidence. And it goes without saying that confidence helps everyone to keep the spark alive creatively.

Wrapping up

With everyone living a fast-paced life, things often take a monotonous route sooner or later. However, if you keep things fresh in your relationship, you won’t ever have to worry about losing spark or chemistry in your relationship. If you are someone who feels their relationship has hit a rough patch, try following the steps mentioned above and transform it into a funny, engaging, and enjoyable relationship.

So, tell us, how are you keeping the spark alive in your relationship?

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