The best travel partner has four legs, and squishy face, and a fluffy butt!

Are you one of those travel enthusiasts or bloggers who love to explore the world? But wouldn’t you want your fluffy friend to accompany you?

French Bulldog - An Awesome Buddy for Backpackers

Did you know that over 37% of Americans love to travel with their pets every year? And the number has increased up to 19% over the last decade. That’s a huge number!

Whether you are going for a cross-country road trip or just another getaway, having a dog by your side is something you’ll cherish throughout your vacation. And on top of it, if you already have a French bulldog, you already know that they are counted among the most comfortable dog breeds in the world.

But how can a Frenchie help you make your trip a memorable one? Why should travel enthusiasts adopt a French Bulldog to accompany them on their trips? To get answers to these questions, you need to keep scrolling.

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The ride has just begun!

  • The friendly breed attracts everyone.

Imagine this, you took your pet on a road trip, but it was constantly disturbing fellow travellers. Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed? Thankfully that’s not the case with the French bulldogs. They are extremely cute and attractive, humorous in nature, and grab love from literally everyone.

They jingle well with everyone and are pretty easy to manage. And the best of all they are not one of those annoying big barkers. So, you won’t have to worry about the barking part also. Plus, it is very easy to conversate with them. They literally have a language of their own. They’ll use a complex system of yawns, yips, and gargles and convey the illusion of their own language. You can also fit them singing along with you in your car. Isn’t that super cool?

  • The training sessions are easy.

People who travel seldom get to train their pets. Training a pet can be a bit overwhelming but not when you have a Frenchie! The breed is very intelligent and responds to cues very smartly.

And yes, don’t scold your pooch while training. Research shows that Frenchies do well in a negative environment. With proper motivation and positive reinforcement, it’s easy to keep up with the training sessions

  • They are small-sized and can be comfortable anywhere

You wouldn’t want to travel with those bulky boxes for your pet while you are on your vacation. Right? Fortunately, these adorable pups don’t need huge spaces to settle in. You can accommodate it into your traveller or tent and wrap it in a cosy blanket. And Voila, your pet is all comfortable in its zone.

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To sum it all up!

A piece of advice: Before you take your French Bulldog on an “adventure to remember”, make sure it is properly vaccinated and have all the necessary checklists along with you on your trip.

With proper training and supplies, your four-legged friend is all set to accompany you on your unforgettable escapade. So, next time you want to go on a trip, you know whom to ask to accompany you!

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