Does your back and neck feel stiff when you awaken in the morning? Does neck and shoulder pain and tension limits your physical activity and become your everyday companion? The most common cause of shoulder pain, back and neck pain is a muscle strain or soft tissue sprain. Massager NM089 is ideal for people who spend long hours sitting or driving, as they are the ones who frequently feel strong pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

Massager NM089 is based on the principle of traditional Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu is a non-invasive therapy that helps back, neck and shoulder pain, reduce stress and contribute to overall well-being.

DEEP TISSUE KNEADING MASSAGER WITH 8 NODES: With 2 directions and 3 speed modes. Massager is ideal for body parts like neck, shoulder, shoulder blades, upper back and lower back, arms, hamstrings, legs, foots, calfs and thighs.

INFRARED HEATING MASSAGER FUNCTION: On demand, integrated additional infrared heating. Some known benefits of infrared heat are: Increase blood circulation, relieves muscle cramps and stiffness, relieves neck, shoulder and back pain, helps at post exercise muscle pain, helps induce restful sleep and stress reduction, helps stimulate body’s energy system.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Massager NM089 Donnerberg Original is specially designed to follow the shape of human spine. Designed with 2 flexible straps that enable comfortable rest for arms during the massage.

PORTABLE: Portable and foldable, use it at home, in the office, in the car or while travelling. Comes with car adapter.

Investment: £179


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