Whether you are a foodie or not, you cannot deny the love for delicious food. However, with busy lifestyles, juggling workloads, and trying to have a semblance of a normal life, cooking elaborate meals has taken a backseat for many. Nonetheless, this should not mean that you are making do with bland and tasteless food just for the heck of it. This article is all about the must-have spices that you should keep in your kitchen spice drawer.

Bland Food No More Essential Spices That Can Turn Around Your Dish

Garlic Powder

Some dishes call for raw garlic which is cooked in its chopped or minced form. Although it may have its own set of flavours, garlic powder’s taste is slightly on the sweeter and mellow side. This does not need to be cooked and can be added to soups, marinations, or as a topping on dry snacks for the slightest hint of it. Also, by adding salt to it, you can make your own garlic salt at home to add to pizzas, pasta, and whatnot.

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Black Pepper Powder

This spice deserves some more love rather than just sitting sadly in a cellar along with the salt on the dining table. In small quantities, it can bring the right amount of hit in almost all the dishes. As it comes loaded with its health benefits, it has been used in many different cuisines all over the world for ages. To add this on your spice shelf, you can either see its different variants online or you can just look for Indian grocery delivery as this spice is used a lot in oriental cooking. Ensure that you are keeping it in an airtight container to retain its fresh aroma or as an alternate, you can also invest in a pepper crusher. Dishes like Pepper Chicken, or Lemon Pepper Pasta can be brought to life just with this spice’s flavour alone.

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We are all guilty to have had all those Italian cravings and there have been times when the takeouts have not been possible. To add a zing of the Italians, having an Oregano jar is all that you need. To make an ordinary sauce resemble its European Marinara cousin, a good hit of this spice is all you need. Also, you can use the fresh ones to retain the herbal quality or the dried crumbles to add a layer of pungency to your Greek or Mexican dishes.

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For a blended note of lemon, woody, and a mild yet heady scent, thyme is your go-to option. This is as wonderful to mix with soups, slurries, and salads as much as it goes well in meat marinades or dressings. Again, you can use it fresh or dried for more or less taste according to your preferences.

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No, contrary to popular beliefs, cinnamon does not need to be stashed away just to remember in the season of Fall. Although it has its amazing aroma which is something we all remember with apple pies and hot chocolate, it can be added to many other things as well. To give a middle eastern flavour to your everyday staples, its sweetness will also make your regular morning toast seem a bit more bougie. Only remember one thing, with this one, the less is more.

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Other than these, you should always have Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Cumin Rosemary Nutmeg for that wholesome spice experience in your food as per the demand of the taste. Thus, we hope that you make use of all these spices and turn your dishes around.

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