Sunday 27th March sees the clocks go forward and the UK lose an hour of sleep. Here, Thomas Goodman at MyJobQuote presents ways to amend your room to beat tiredness this spring.

Clocks are going forward - Here's how to beat tiredness

What can you see?

Feeling safe is essential to achieving a good night’s sleep. The position of the bed is crucial. The bed facing the door ensures that you can see anyone that enters the bedroom space. Securing the headboard to the wall lets the mind know that no object can enter from where you cannot see. Feng shui dictates that sleeping with your head towards the door is bad luck as the door will drain positive energy away from you as you sleep.

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Monsters under the bed

Feng shui dictates that there should be nothing stored under the bed for energy and oxygen to flow freely around the space. However, if you are unable to keep the space under the bed completely free, use it to store sleep-related items such as pillows, blankets, and duvets.

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Eliminate Clutter core

Studies have found that those who sleep in cluttered rooms are likely to experience disrupted sleep. A tidy room promotes calm. If your mind is racing, or you are thinking of a to-do list etc, a cluttered room can fuel anxiety and inflict a sense of chaos. When surrounded by mess, the brain produces chemicals that enable it to stay on alert, making it difficult to fall asleep. Before the clocks spring forward, ensure that the bedroom space is completely clear. This will work to clear the mind and promote sleep.

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Tech – no – sleep

It’s no secret that ‘screen time’ impacts a person’s sleeping pattern. Screen time delays the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland towards the end of the day to support the sleep/wake cycle. Screens should be out of reach when in bed to avoid the temptation to keep scrolling. Using the clocks as an occasion to implement a resolution that sees you remove tech from your bedside will work to minimise the impact that the clocks changing will have on your sleep.

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Living in Symmetry

The brain favours symmetry as it interprets it as safe, stable, and calm. Ensuring your room is as symmetrical as possible promotes calm as soon as you enter the space, putting you in the best stead for optimal sleep.

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Can you see the light?

Studies have revealed that the more natural light a person receives in a day, the better the quality of sleep they receive. Light influences the body’s natural rhythms. As a result, if you spend the evening in a room flooded with bright artificial lighting, this will interrupt the body’s sleep-wake cycle, increasing the impact of the clocks going forward. On the night that the clocks are due to change, begin to dim the lights at least a couple of hours before you aim to go to sleep. This will indicate to the body that the time to sleep is drawing near, making it easier to fall asleep.

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