In the following, we’ll look at various ways you can improve the look and feel of your bedroom. From new furniture to light options to flooring choices, this guide will help you on the way to redecorating your bedroom!

New bedroom furniture options include but are not limited to a new bed, tub chairs, bedside tables and chest of drawers. When it comes to the former, you may like to have a single, double, queen or king-sized bed fitted depending on how large the bed should be and how much space you’re willing to use up with a bed. You can cut down on space usage by purchasing a fold-up bed for example or one with built-in storage units!

Bedroom Sanctuary
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Another furniture choice and one which will also save on space are that of a fitted wardrobe or a bamboo clothes rail.

Malmo Double Clothes Rail - Bamboo
Malmo Double Clothes Rail in Bamboo by

Unlike a standalone wardrobe it is installed right into the walls, thus using up less room. For further satisfaction, you could have a fitted wardrobe added with sliding doors.

You could also save on space by purchasing adding more shelves, choosing a headboard with storage, hanging your laundry on the back of the door or hanging a clothes rack in the corner of the room.

When it comes to lighting, a bedroom should preferably have three types of lighting. Those are general, task and accent. Examples of the former are wall or ceiling-mounted lights which act as the main source of light in the room. An example of task lighting is a pendant light and a form of accent lighting are wall sconces.

Moon Beam Light
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What are redecorating your bedroom walls? You could paint it or have new wallpaper added, depending on your preferences. Either way, it is best to use light colours. You should also not forget about painting the ceiling, which has been described by many as the fifth ceiling.

In terms of flooring options, some of the best types for a bedroom are carpet, area rug, laminate, parquet and timber flooring. You should consider factors such as the parquet flooring cost, the longevity of area rug flooring and the feel on your feet of timber flooring before choosing a type to install.

As this guide has shown, there are many steps you can take to improve your bedroom. Make sure to plan things out well beforehand and consider how each change will look alongside one another for when the full redecoration process is complete.

Bedroom Redecorating Ideas

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