Wellness is an interesting topic, because it covers so many different aspects of living life and nourishing yourself as a person. Going to bed early could be considered wellness, but staying up and having a hearty night with cheese and wine alongside your best friends could be considered wellness for the soul, too. This should demonstrate that there’s no real one way to consider or implement wellness, but that it all matters no matter what.

In that respect, it’s good to asks – what does wellness mean to me? It’s okay, you don’t have to live by these principles until the end of time, what works for you this week or this month can be enough. Asking this question also gives you the confidence to consider what doesn’t work for you, and move on from there with clarity.

In that respect, you might consider some of the following suggestions:

Certainly! Here’s an expanded version of each subheading with additional content:

What Does Wellness Mean To You

Managing Stress & Improving Your Sense Of Equanimity

We can’t feel great all the time, and it’s as simple as that. So, a realistic approach involves finding inner peace even in the middle of the turbulence we all have in life, and that’s easier said than done. There are strategies you can rely on, however. For example, mindfulness practices that ground you in the present moment, helping to dissolve anxiety and stress, which you can get better at over time. It’s also about creating a tranquil environment at home and work, even if that just means having a space you can meditate or read in the evening. When you take a realistic approach to stress, it becomes something you can work on.

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Developing Self-Love & Kindness

Wellness is deeply connected to and with the relationship we have with ourselves. Being well means being good to yourself, and continuing to be your own best friend, while monitoring your self-talk. It’s about loving who you are warts and all, being okay with not being perfect, and not being afraid of looking after number one when you need it, even if you’re responsible for others. It’s also fine to have the small things that help you in life, like CBDistillery products that helps resolve stress, or herbal teas that ground you, or enjoying a favourite comedy show when you feel down.

Creating a Self-Love Practice
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Prioritizing Your Life Path

Don’t forget that wellness is also about aligning our daily actions with our deeper life goals. In other words, finding some kind of purpose for your life. For some, this could mean pursuing a career that brings satisfaction, engaging in hobbies that genuinely feel rewarding, or simply showing love for our family and caring for them. Sure, “find your purpose to be well” doesn’t really sound that helpful, but remember that small increments and improving each day is often better than huge grand narratives that feel unattainable. Perhaps today your task could be sharing a laugh with your parent. Little connections like this can mean the world, and they contribute a great deal to our overall sense of wellness.

With this advice, we hope you can implement wellness via the healthiest means possible.

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