To say Covid-19 has overstayed its welcome would be an understatement. The global pandemic has affected lives, resources, and the economy everywhere. Being stuck in the house for such elongated periods is bound to take a toll on one’s well-being. The uncertainty of the future, inability to socialize, personal and professional losses are exacerbating mental issues.

A blissful mind leads to a healthful body. But with the perpetual threat on our lives looming, it can be hard to focus, work or even sit peacefully. The monotonous lifecycle isn’t availing the situation. And the alarming increase in mental health issues is a matter of concern.

A Guide to Persevere Through the Pandemic

Mental health should be every persons’ primary aim to glide through the current situation. The peregrination may be difficult, but with felicitous help and care, it’s attainable. Digital technology has availed various options at the touch of fingertips.

The new normal

With everything transpiring in our country, it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It is understandable. Social distancing, work from home, constrained socialization is routine now. Following this pattern for the past one and a half years has made us habitual of it. We as citizens of the country should abide by the rules and help lessen the effect of the virus. Attending online schools/classes, birthdays, and events via video conferencing, going out only when necessary are the steps that ensure the safety of ourselves and others.

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How does it affect us?

The rules and limitations can make us feel like a prisoner in our houses. But we still follow those for safety purposes. This suppression can cause mental chaos leading to stress and health issues in the future. This gruesome situation has caused the loss of lives of dear ones, which can affect the kins mentally. Handling the loss and grief can prove to be extremely difficult. Some may find guidance on managing mental health auxiliary. With the situation ameliorating, it is necessary to practice interaction to some extent. Solidarity sometimes can lead the mind to a dark space.

Human beings are social animals mixing with society helps with stability.

Healthcare and facilities

Even with a drop in peril, it is paramount to be careful and take all the precautions necessary. One should always be cognizant of the situation and surroundings. For example, one should have an updated list of hospitals and emergency contacts in case of need. Many health care agencies worldwide keep updating you with recent info on the Covid-19. It is not something to be ashamed of. Every citizen’s responsibility is to do their part in the vaccination drives provided by their respective country’s healthcare system.

Taboos and myths

People still face stigma and discrimination whenever mental illness and related issues are concerned. People still have to face many taboos and myths related to mental health and want to seek professional help for it. Many still believe it is mere imagination created by the overexposure of western culture. Lots of people face criticism for stepping ahead and seeking help or talking openly about it. It is of utmost importance to prioritize one’s well-being over the opinions of others. Not everyone faces the same issue or to the same extent.

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You are not alone

Difficult times may make you feel less about yourself. You may feel lonely and may even doubt your existence. One should note that everyone goes through phases in life where they question every decision they ever made, guilt comes creeping in and can result in long-term stress and affect your health physically and mentally. It is nothing to be ashamed about but should be acknowledged with an approach to professionals. The sorrow of losing a close one affects everyone differently, and nobody should feel the need to hide it. Talking it out with someone may provide some peace. It is ok if you take more time in handling loss and grief. Never compare your progress with anyone else. If you feel like you have some shortcomings, this is the best opportunity to work on those. Always keep working on a better you.

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Seek professional help

Whenever we face any physical health problem, we immediately consult a doctor or an expert in the respective field. Similar should be the approach in terms of mental health issues. Shutting out the problems or troubles you face due to fear of society will only deepen the hurt. Talking to a friend or elder may seem to work for the short term, but if treated by a professional, They can help unearth the issue at the root levels and the results will last longer. Many institutes and advocates of mental health also provide monetary help for those unable. Ignorance will only deepen the issue and cause more harm.

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Be on the lookout

Not everyone is the same, and many people may not have faced mental strain or problems. Anyone can be affected by mental stress and issues, from a school-going kid to a retired adult. It is necessary to identify your struggle and get help. Everyone should make it their responsibility to educate themselves about mental health. It is crucial to eliminate the stereotypes and bust the myths surrounding mental health. If you see or know someone struggling with these issues, you must help them approach a professional and support them on the journey. You can spread general awareness and link authentic information about therapists, counseling centers you may have come across.


Tough times may create havoc in life, but dealing with them properly helps. It is acceptable to struggle, but it is advised that one must seek help professionally, and it is the job of the family and friends to show full support. Priorities in your mental and physical health help to truly enjoy life. Not everyone suffering from an issue may show signs or speak freely about it, but if they are willing to talk to you, be judgment-free and make them feel safe. Be kind to others. Kindness always heals.

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