For today’s article, I have been talking to Pietro Simone, a skincare expert, signature facialist, owner of Pietro Simone Skincare Range and Pietro Simone Clinic at Nymba Salon about Autumn and Winter Skincare for us in our #BlissfulForties.

Autumn and Winter, are two really difficult seasons but extremely important to follow some advice. As the seasons change, I have to say, also our skin is going through a dramatic adjustment, from the heat and sun of the summer to cold and grey months.

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Following some of these points and considerations, we can actually keep glowing anyway! This is the time of the year when hydration and nourishment are fundamental for all skin but particular from 40 onwards when your skin is susceptible to losing moisture and elasticity!

Before a strong treatment, it’s important to balance the skin. Give it a lot of hydration, masks, in particular, water-based mask, lots of amino acids and soothing ingredients are the best way to improve the quality of the skin and nurture the deep levels of the skin.

Once you finish taking care of all these things, you can, without a worry, opt for a laser hair removal treatment to look your best in any season. To find more valuable research on this matter, go through and discover how you, too, can take advantage of this process.

Autumn & Winter Skincare


Organic oils, like pistachio, marula, sesame, are “skin friends” (if you choose the right brand) extremely rich in natural antioxidants, powerful nourishment and biologically recognizable and usable for our skin! At night, after a “great” cleansing routine I find it the most beneficial to apply a generous amount of oil all over your face neck and décolleté and leave it to be completely absorbed.

During the night the skin will absorb what it needs and reveal a great complexion in the morning. As a result, makeup will last more, you will experience less dryness, more comfort and give your skin the ability to maintain adequate water levels. We mustn’t forget only balanced skin can show off a healthy glow!

Less is more?

I personally say it’s all about better quality! The right facial treatment can change your skin massively! A good combination of the technology and products are key to success as well as the aftercare at home. The cleansing routine still remains the most important step in your routine and should be done diligently!

Use warm water

Rinse your skin more than once, remove any trace of makeup. You heard it many times before but only with perfectly clean skin you can hope to achieve results and enable the oxygenation and renewing process to be possible because it allows the skin to breathe and absorb what you’re going to apply!

Massage your face:

Try to get to know your face, your contour, and massage it! This will improve the circulation and as a consequence increase the blood circulation and the lymphatic system, the interchanges of the nutrients! Old school advice is surely effective and true!

Drink and eat properly! it’s not easy but the skin shows what we are! The diet is important! All skin functions are important and our body needs to receive the right nutrients to support all these actions and reactions! When we hear something like we are what we eat; it’s absolutely true!

So if you want to have perfect skin try to be honest with yourself and be aware in terms of want you eat and drink! Finally my super personal heritage recipe from my grandma for exfoliation:

“Mix coffee, honey, oats, yoghurt, pepper, one scoop each one and apply while you’re having a nice warm/hot bath!”

Autumn & Winter Skincare

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