Many of us have been stuck inside for several months now, the whole day almost blurs into one and many of us have found it hard to find the motivation to work out. This is called a COVID rut – and it’s something you can work to get out of.

 5 tips to bounce out of Covid rut

Here, are some quick and easy tips to get you back on track:

  1. “Dress for success” and get changed into your best activewear – It’s hard to get into the training zone wearing tracksuits and a dirty t-shirt you just slept in. What you wear changes how you feel, how you feel determines the action you do or don’t take!
  2. Rearrange the space – Move the furniture, create a sacred workout space, lock the door, turn off the phone, this is your time! Remove all distractions!
  3. The dream is in the morning routine – Life has become so action-packed and fast-paced that if we plan to squeeze a workout into a 30-minute block during the day, it is usually missed and the 101 other errands take over importance. Getting up an hour earlier and making it happen is often the only chance we have to go distraction-free. How you start your day creates the state for the rest of the day!
  4. Start a breathing practice – Being stuck inside and having to wear masks is inhibiting our breathing patterns. How we breathe determines the state of our nervous system and how much oxygen we have in our cells. Now is the perfect time to start breathing practice. If you are new to breathwork, it can be as simple as 4-5 minutes of consciously breathing slow and deep into the lungs. Your rib cage should move out (not your stomach).  Once you get the hang of this you can play with the length of the in and out-breath and change your state at
  5. Set a clear goal – This is a cliché one, but a goal gives the subconscious a direction to move towards. Not having a goal is kind of like being at sea without a map. Time to get that poster back up on the wall or on the screensaver and find that motivation!

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