Postpartum can be a very difficult time for many reasons. Not only will you be thrown into a hormonal spin cycle, but you may have a few leftover pounds that you weren’t ready for. You shouldn’t let this defeat you, however. You need to take some time to compose yourself and work on a plan for how you’re going to get back in shape gently and sustainably. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can get back to your normal self after a tough pregnancy.

3 Ways to Get Back in Shape After a Tough Pregnancy

Have Realistic Goals

First of all, make sure that you’re not too tough on yourself or unrealistic. You have to give yourself time to lose that weight. Forget trying to lose 30 pounds in a few weeks or months. This amount of weight could literally take years to lose, and that’s okay.

The most important part is being consistent and keeping track of your results. If you’re truly serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you will need to record everything that you eat, how much exercise you’re getting, and track your body weight throughout the weeks. This is what allows you to stay on track and always thrive to get better.

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Look for Low Impact Workouts

It’s not a good idea to go on an extra tough fitness routine right after pregnancy. Your joints and muscles are exhausted at this moment, and there’s a strong chance that you could develop an injury if you go too hard too fast.

If there’s one option that would be perfect here, it would be Pilates. If you happen to be living in Bristol, you’re in luck since Pilates classes in Bristol are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the country. You could get private Pilates in Bristol if you’d rather work one on one with your trainer or look for class groups if you’d like to work with other mothers like you. If you’re curious about postnatal Pilates in Bristol or would like more information about Pilates in general, you can learn more here.

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Improve Your Diet but be Gentle

You will continue to get cravings after your pregnancy which can make losing weight a bit more difficult. But you can do it if you make smarter decisions. The most important thing here will be to keep your daily caloric intake under a certain threshold.

First, learn your recommended daily caloric intake and go for around a 10% to 20% deficit. This can easily be done by replacing juices and soft drinks with water or low/no calorie options, increasing your lean protein to carbs ratio and switching to healthy snack options like dried fruit, vegetables, low-calorie dip, and nuts, among others.

All of these tips help you get rid of that baby weight and feel like yourself again. If things are not going the way you hoped, consider speaking with a professional today, and think about getting some personalised help to help you reach your objectives.

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