Several people don’t enjoy shopping for clothes. They make sure they dedicate a day or two to shop in bulk and rest easy knowing they won’t have to buy more clothes for a very long time. However, change is an inevitable part of our lives and you couldn’t possibly function with the same wardrobe for longer than a few years. Fortunately, your wardrobe will let you know the right time to go for another shopping spree. Keep reading this article to learn the tell-tale signs that indicate you need a wardrobe update.

5 Signs You Need a Wardrobe Update

At least five go-to items no longer fit

Your weight might fluctuate a lot, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic where most people had to stay at home to keep safe. Your core items could be clothes like jeans, an LBD, your favourite blazer, and some button-down shirts. If more than five of these core items in your wardrobe no longer feel comfortable, chances are the rest of your wardrobe won’t fit well either and you need to start planning your next shopping spree.

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You experience wardrobe fatigue

Self-expression takes on many forms, including the way you dress. As time goes by, your fashion taste is bound to change, along with the way you choose to express yourself. If you are hardly uninspired by what you are wearing, it could rub off on your outlook of life. Inject some new life into your closet by incorporating some colourful pieces and ditch the old clothes that have lost their allure.

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Most of your outfits are damaged

Permanent stains, tears, and holes can make your clothes look shabby and unwearable. Your go-to items are more likely to get damaged first because those are the ones you wear the most. If you find yourself putting away more than four go-to items because they are unwearable, this is a sign to update your wardrobe.

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You take too long to find an outfit

Your closet should have enough pieces to help you put together an outfit in the shortest time possible. If you find yourself taking too long to get dressed, this is your sign to update your wardrobe and get some new lifestyle apparel. It is okay to feel indecisive when choosing something to wear, but you should get concerned when you start struggling to find a good fit.

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Your wardrobe doesn’t fit your lifestyle changes

Different life events call for a different dress code. How you would dress when you are working in an office setup is not how you would expect to dress if you were working from home. Your old clothes wouldn’t also fit you if you got pregnant. It would be best to update your wardrobe if it doesn’t fit in with your current change in lifestyle.

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Final thought

It takes time before you can realize you need new clothes. We hope this article has shown you what you need to look out for to refresh your wardrobe. However, you need not feel guilty for going on a shopping spree because you want something new to accommodate your changing fashion sense.

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