Cooking healthy depends on several factors, and the choice of cookware is one of them. Stainless steel pots and pans make an ideal option because they spread heat evenly, so there are no chances that food will be raw or overcooked in parts. The material is not reactive, so you need not worry about any reactions with the ingredients. Moreover, high-quality stuff lasts for years, making them a worthy investment for your kitchen. However, you may encounter some challenges with cooking and cleaning while using them. Fortunately, a little care can take you a long way with no-fuss cooking with stainless steel cookware. Here are some practical tips to help.

5 Practical Tips For No-Fuss Cooking With Stainless Steel Cookware

Preheating prevents food from sticking

One of the issues that even seasoned cooks may face with stainless steel kitchenware is that food tends to stick to the surface of the pans. You can easily prevent this problem by preheating the pan before you start cooking. Covering it with a thin layer of oil is also a good idea as it lubricates the surface and keeps food from sticking. Just let it simmer a bit, and you are good to go.

Avoid putting cold food directly on stainless steel

Another rule you must follow while cooking with stainless steel pans is to steer clear of the habit of putting cold food directly on the hot surface. Cold food often has moisture, which works against heat. There are good chances that things will turn into a sticky mess that is hard to handle. While cooking refrigerated meat or vegetables, bring them down to room temperature before you place them in a stainless utensil.

Cool the pan before cleaning

Extreme temperature changes aren’t good for any material in cookware, and stainless steel is not an exception. After investing in the best cookware sets, you need to go the extra mile with their cleaning care. Exposing them to cold water even when they are hot can warp and crack the pots and pans. Let them cool down first, only then you should go ahead with washing and cleaning.

Steer clear of overheating

Stainless steel cookware is pretty sturdy and durable but overheating them isn’t a great idea. Start with medium heat and adjust from there, rather than putting the utensil directly on high heat. The mid-range temperatures ensure that food doesn’t stick to the surface, while the cookware lasts longer as well. Testing the heat levels is simple, just adding a few drops of water will give you a fair idea whether it is hot enough to start cooking. A simmering sound indicates that you are good to go.

Remove the burnt bits

Despite the best precautions, accidents still happen in the kitchen, and you may end up burning your food one time or the other. Firstly, you can avoid it by making sure that the pan is not cooled when to place the food. It is best to remove the burnt bits there and then. You can do it easily by boiling water in the cookware as it will dislodge the burnt bits without using scrubber brushes or abrasive chemicals.

Just a little care can simplify cooking with stainless steel and prolong the lifespan of your cookware as well. Following these practical tips will have you covered.

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