‘5 days to Self-Love’ Challenge – DAY 2

Kiran Singh

Welcome to Day 2 of the ‘5 days to Self-Love’ Challenge! Today’s challenge is to visualise and plan what your Ideal Day would look and feel like.

What would your Ideal Day be like

Take a moment to imagine it: Your ideal day. Imagine how you’d feel as you yawn, stretch, and step out of bed. What your first action would be. Your second. What you’d eat, what you’d do, and how you’d spend your time. The lightness of happiness as you ease from one activity to the next. Your ideal day, start to finish.

Now when you’re finished you’ll feel one of two ways – either excited and inspired or a bit down in the dumps because your current life might not feel anything like that right now. Don’t despair, for things to change, you have to start somewhere.

Look at your journaling and pick out one or two things that you can bring into your life now quite easily. That might be a new habit, wearing slightly different clothes, making the decision to spend more time doing something you love.


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Your Ideal Day

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