Starting my mornings writing down things I’m grateful for with the Desire Map Planner has been the biggest life changer for me.

We’re not always going to have days where things are going our way, in fact a lot of the times, everyday contains moments of frustration (big or small).

Starting off my day with gratitude is the single best advice I can give to anyone wondering where to start in how to get out of the headspace of negativity of frustration.

The things don’t need to be very big either. You can be grateful that:

  • you had 10 more mins to sleep
  • you cooked your favourite recipe
  • you’re having a great hair day
  • you had a phone chat with one of your friends
  • you actually made time to read the magazine you love and subscribe to (in my case it’s ‘In the Moment Magazine’)
  • you had a relaxing weekend at home
  • you went for a walk

Something small. A few of them. Get in the habit of seeing these small things and noticing them. Rewire your brain to see them, remember them and cherish them.

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