Are you constantly worrying about your health? Is your job at stake? Are you hanging on a thread waiting for the next paycheck? Life has lows and highs and unfortunately the former can spiral out of control leading to stress, anxiety, and even depression. That is why it is crucial to find ways to handle anxiety and end stress. Let us walk you through some of the ways you can keep stress and anxiety in check:

11 Easy Hacks to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Fast

Take a break and rest!

If you are working throughout the week and it makes you feel anxious about your job security, then it is only right that you step back and rest. People often assume that stressful tasks should be faced head-on, which is not entirely correct. When you feel anxious, it is likely that your body is responding to your immediate environment. You should take a break from your normal business and rest without thinking much about it. That will help your body to relax, and you will calm down, defeating the anxiety. One way to be mindful and rest your mind is by playing a game like Solitaire Bliss.

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Stay active

It is important to find constructive activities to distract your mind when overcome by anxiety. For example, you can go to the gym and lift weights to keep your body active. You can also opt to run and jog, which activities help relax your muscles hence relieving stress.

Exercising your body helps relax your muscles and keep your mind active on things that are not stressful. Doing regular exercises will also help improve the quality of your sleep, helping your body recover from the wear and tear that could be causing stress.

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Try out certified supplements.

Some supplements, such as the premium brand Kratom, are particularly made to help in reducing stress. They also have the quality of improving your mood drastically. Some of the supplements include:

  • Ashwagandha: It is also known as the winter cherry or Indian ginseng. Published studies show that the plant has been used as medicine for centuries now. It can be taken as a pill or capsule. You can add its powdered extract to your drinks, including smoothies and yoghurt. It is a proven stress reliever and has relaxant effects that will also help improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Lemon balm: The lemon-scented herb can be made into tea. It is known to ease anxiety and drastically improve mood and sleep quality. You can also find it in a capsule or in tablet form.
  • Magnesium supplement: It is helpful in improving nerve and muscle function. Hence, it helps in promoting the relaxation of the body.

More importantly, when choosing any product, consider checking the supplement label before using it. You will learn more about the supplement’s function and directions.

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Write down what you feel

Writing down the things that are stressing you up can work magic. Writing helps connect you to your innermost and truest feelings. It helps you be realistic and honest about yourself, making it easy to figure out how to deal with stressors.

You can jot down things that you are grateful for. Seeing your successes on a list is known to help overcome anxiety and improve the quality of life.


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Visualise calm

When you feel anxious, find a quiet place. This could be in your bedroom, in your garden, under a tree, or anywhere else you feel safe, quiet, and comfortable. Breathe in and out and relax. Close your eyes and visualise yourself as happy and calm. That helps ease your anxiety and regain control of your mood. Try it today.

Take a walk

Taking a walk in the evening or early in the morning when the sun is not too hot can help you refresh and ease anxiety. Walking on an isolated path will give you a good time to reflect and stay away from an environment that could be stressing you up. You will also get to breathe fresh air, which is known to help in reducing stress. Well, walking is also a way of exercising that will help relax your muscles too.

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Spend quality time with your loved ones

Friends and family are great sources of social support. They can come in handy and help you get through stressful times. Being close to your family and friends will also instil a deep sense of belonging. Sometimes, anxiety and stress overwhelm someone when they think they are on their own and have no help coming. Being with your close social friends will reassure you that you can always get help, making it easy to ease stress and calm anxiety.

Listen to calming music

Music appeals to your mind and soul. Music can transport you into different spaces in your mind, alienating you from your present stressful reality. You can always curate a soothing playlist to listen to whenever you feel anxious. This will calm you down and relieve stress.

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Consider taking a yoga class

Published research shows that yoga is crucial in relieving stress and improving mood. Yoga is known to connect the body and the mind and make a person feel wholesome. The good thing is that there are different styles of yoga that befit different people. Hence, you can always find a way to reduce stress and ease anxiety by doing yoga.

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Minimize caffeine uptake

Taking coffee moderately is known to help reduce stress, as caffeine is a known soother. However, too much caffeine can significantly affect you. It can affect your sleeping patterns and predispose you to stress and anxiety. According to research, reducing the amount of caffeine has been reported to help in reducing stress. This, too, could work for you.

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Say no when necessary!

Learning to decline requests that will cause anxiety is crucial politely. For example, when being assigned too much work at the office, you should decline politely. This will ensure you are not stressed up wondering how to beat deadlines. Overcommitting yourself may have the potential to affect your productivity and health.

Wrapping up

There are many reasons why you might feel anxious or stressed. It could be too much work, the uncertainty of your job, or even how to keep up with trends. You should learn to find the triggers and ways to relieve the pressure and ease up the stress. We hope that these hacks will come in handy whenever you need to regain control of your moods and emotion. You can always speak to a professional to help if stress and anxiety are taking a toll on you.

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