As you step into your forties, staying fit and active can be a challenge. Your energy levels run low, and bone density takes a hit. Regular workouts that felt like a breeze earlier may take a toll on your body. However, ramping up your fitness routine can keep you as consistent and energetic as ever. Luckily, there are ways to stay on top of your workout goals so that you can ace fitness levels regardless of your age. Here are some tips that can keep you going even beyond your forties.

Fit Beyond Forty - Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Workout Goals

Begin with your mindset

When it comes to staying fit and fabulous beyond forty, everything boils down to your mindset. It is easy to lose your grip on fitness at this age, but you only need to rework your goals and timelines to stay on track. Taking a realistic approach makes you stick with your schedules. Try new challenges and find fresh opportunities to ramp up your workout for achieving your fitness targets.

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Join an exercise class

The forties make a good time to unlearn and start afresh. Even if you have been an avid workout buff, it makes sense to start from scratch again. Your body is different, and joining an exercise class helps you rediscover it. Even better, collaborate with a personal trainer to get recommendations for a personalized plan. They can suggest an apt schedule that aligns with your current needs and goals.

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Prioritize strength training

Building and maintaining muscle becomes crucial as you age, so make sure your new plan covers you on this front. You need to prioritize resistance training and make it a part of your workout routine to keep your muscles strong and healthy. Use pull-up bands for extra support, as you may need them for your ageing body. Strong muscles keep your metabolic rate cranking, so staying ahead of your fitness goals is easier if you opt for strength training.

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Focus on flexibility

Workouts after forty must also include a lot of flexibility work and stretching. Your muscles and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons tend to get stiffer with age. Flexibility exercises keep them in motion, which helps with mobility in the long run. Moreover, flexibility enables you to stave off injuries. Exercises like yoga and tai-chi are great for maintaining flexibility. Integrate them into your routine to get the extra benefit of stress relief.

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Extend your warm-up

The best piece of advice to stay on top of fitness after forty is to extend your warm-up sessions. Avoid treating your body like a race car and give it enough time to rev up before going full throttle. An optimal warm-up schedule enables you to go strong throughout your workout sessions, so make sure you invest enough time and effort. Start with stretching, mobility work, and light cardiovascular exercise before diving deep.

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Exercising after forty should also be about enjoyment, so make it a social activity rather than going solo. Maintain a journal and record your progress to stay motivated and on track over the years.

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