You are important to life. Take time to shut out the world and take care of you. Initiate a process to become grounded. Create a ritual where you go within yourself to create a space of joy, peace and healing as a process of centering yourself. Leave behind the worry, anxiety and stresses of life, if only for a minute, around finances, work, family, health and relationships.

Focus on things that build a stronger and more courageous you and that help you to get a good night’s sleep. These may include mindfulness, chanting, meditation, deep breathing, laughter, prayer, enjoying silence and stillness. Read something inspiring, stretch and exercise your body and mind and practice gratitude. Your life matters. It is your holy work to deeply love, honor & respect the precious self that you are.

You are important to Life

Set your daily alarm an hour earlier than usual – It’s easier to wake up when nature starts rising early too!

Spend that extra time doing something that’s precious to you, that you love or want to do, but normally have time for.

It doesn’t have to be the same thing each day, but for the best results, decide the night before how you might want to spend your time.

Maybe it’s time to start writing that novel, practice painting or work on that business idea that you’ve always wanted to explore.

If you have a clear goal and a purpose for your precious hour you’ll find it far easier to motivate yourself to wake up – even if you’re not normally a morning person.

You might feel a bit tired for the first few days, but the more you do it the more do you’ll look forward to how much it optimises your day – studies show early risers tend to think more positively than those who rise later.

You are important to Life

If you set your things up the night before it will be easier for you to get going straight away.

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