Cosy cottage interiors are all about warmth, comfort and relaxation, which is why so many like to incorporate it into their own homes. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a bungalow, flat or cottage, you can still create a cosy cottage feel within the space you have. Cottage interiors boast specific design features that help to create that warm and welcoming feel, so it’s really easy to replicate this particular décor style.

How to Capture a Cosy Cottage Interior

Heating Checks

In order to create a warm and welcoming feel the rooms actually need to be warm. There’s no point in creating a space that looks inviting but feels cold and uncomfortable, so the first thing to do in order to capture a cosy feel is to ensure your heating is in good condition. During the winter months, it can get very cold and the last thing you want is to have to call the plumber out to fix your heating in the run-up to Christmas (which always seems to be the case!). If you require some essential parts for your heating or plumbing to ensure it’s in the best condition, head to your local builders’ merchant to ensure you’re getting the right parts for your particular boiler or radiators. Suppliers have an extensive online range that you can refer to and you often find that these suppliers will have a handful of helpful staff to guide you through any issues or queries you might have.

Colour Choices

Whilst cottage interiors may not always stick to the same colour scheme, there are certainly key colours that always feature. From creams and browns to additions of brighter colours for an added pop of character, you often find that cottage interiors are much softer and toned down when it comes to the colours chosen. This really helps to keep the rooms feeling warm and welcoming, with a soft colour palette you can really enhance the welcoming feel and create more of a relaxing feel.

Floral and Paisley Patterns

If you’re looking to really capture a cosy cottage feel and get traditional with the décor, then introducing floral or paisley patterns is going to help you achieve this. Any rural cottage will have random touches of floral or paisley patterns, from the cushions on the sofa, to the bedding in the bedrooms. Whilst this style of pattern is often seen as quite dated and traditional, it’s brought to life when mixed into a cosy cottage interior style, especially when used on soft furnishings. You can find a beautiful selection of paisley patterned bedding online here, with so many different styles, colours and materials to choose from.

Exposed Oak

In many cottages, exposed oak is a feature that really enhances the overall cottage feel and brings a touch of nature indoors. From bold solid oak beams to traditional oak worktops, there are lots of different ways in which you can either utilise the oak you already have available in your home or alternatively introduce oak in the form of a dining table, side bench and so on. Oak is a very popular material within cottage décor, as it really draws the aesthetic together nicely and boasts the cottage feel. It also helps to bring a soft touch of character to your interiors too which is ideal for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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