Decorating your garden to be what you want it to be is incredibly fun, and is subjective to everyone. It depends on what you want from your space. Do you want to be the neighbour who hosts the best BBQs and Garden Parties? Do you want a place you can just relax and kick back after a long day’s graft? Or do you want to create a space so wacky and unusual that you become a TikTok sensation? There’s so many routes you can take, free from the usual shackles of ‘the norm’ and standard protocol that comes with decorating indoors. Creativity truly knows no limits in the outdoors, and you can really capture yourself and your essence depending on how you model your garden. Just because not everyone will see it, doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and proud of it! Here are a few different ways you can make use of your garden, to suit your own personality and bring out your creative side. 

Ways To Make Your Back Garden Different

Make a giant Chess Board

Making a giant stone chess board outside, is a really creative and picturesque way to capture your geeky side, and your garden will look great too. You can utilise a landscaping business, like WhiteFoot Landscapes, to set your stage and create the tiling for the board. It doesn’t even have to be black and white – you’ll find that you can quite easily mix two other stoney colours for the board and they’ll look just as appealing, maybe a white and cream, or more wood like colours to match your furniture? You can purchase life size chess pieces from a lot of garden stores, and again, you don’t necessarily have to purchase an entire set. A few pieces will do, everyone will understand what you’re going for – maybe put a few pieces in a choice position to checkmate a king to showcase a game in progress? You can usually purchase these pieces in wood and stone as well, so it really depends if you’re buying them solely for decor, or if you actually plan on recreating a Hogwarts mission and duking it out with a friend. 

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Create an Outdoors Bar

This idea has definitely increased in popularity over the years, and it’s such a cool way to not only express yourself, but a great feature to have if you enjoy hosting. You can decorate your bar however you like – why not create a tiki bar with a few tall plants and stone masks dotted around? Or a Wild west theme with barrels around a few seats on your patio?

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Make an Outdoors Living Room

If you’ve got the means, making an outdoors living room is another really creative idea, and gives you the best of your favourite room in the house, with the natural, relaxing feel of the outdoors – could be great for summer nights, right? You could get yourself a cosy fire pit, get a few sofa pieces – just make sure you have appropriate protection for your pieces when not in use, or bad weather – and get yourself a canopy, gazebo or pergola to protect and make your outdoors room look the part. If you have enough power and extensions, what’s to stop you getting a TV out there too?

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