As we grow and evolve, so does our needs. I still remember my first couple of years in the UK (from July 2008 to April 2010), I was at a very low phase of my life; being a single mum, in a new country, no family and friends, no work, barely any money, lonely – the list goes on. But despite being on the low side, I still felt blessed that I had a roof over my head, Khushi and I were both healthy, I still had the drive to learn – to figure things out to make our life better. I worked really hard during this time – settling in, making connections, studying, finding a job, starting my business etc. Charity Shops was my go-to for almost everything; clothes, toys, furniture, books, tableware, DVDs and more – literally life-saving.

I must admit though; I still go to Charity Shops every weekend, but this time to give (and sometimes buy). If you’ve been following me; you’ll know I am passionate about creating a Beautiful, Healthy & Happy Home. I have been on a ‘Simplifying My Life, De-Cluttering and Minimalism Journey’ for the last 12 months or so. You see, as I grew and evolved – so did my needs. I learnt to differentiate between what I wanted and what I needed.

For me, it’s now time to upgrade our life. What does it mean to upgrade you ask? To upgrade simply means to raise all of who you are and what you do to a higher standard. Take what already exists and maximise and improve upon it by adding, replacing or completely letting go of certain aspects of your life. If you can use this one word to live and practice all year, the changes you will experience will be remarkable.

I am continuously upgrading my mind, my knowledge, health, relationships – but I am currently focusing on upgrading my home; swap out £2.50 fitted sheets from Wilkinson to 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding from J Rosenthal, from tableware from Charity Shops to tableware from Creative Tops, from basic skincare from Boots & Wilko to organic skincare from Ishga, from bin bags hanging on the kitchen cupboard handle to Bo Touch Bin from Brabantia, from IKEA Sofa to Chesterfield Sofa from Portabello Interiors and so on. I know it may sound materialistic, but believe me when I say this; after spending months and months on clearing my space, letting go of things that didn’t bring me any joy and de-cluttering, I am now very selective about what I bring into my life and space.

Maya Angelou once said, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” You like who you are by knowing who you are, living by your values and practising habits that help fulfil your potential and make you a better version of yourself, And this can be done by building good habits and having the discipline to practice them every day.

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