All of a sudden, Kumkumadi oil is getting lots of attention these days. Everyone is talking about it. Why not? After all, it comes with many endless benefits. If you haven’t heard about it before and came here out of curiosity, then you will get to know about it right here. So let’s get started.

Top Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil

What is Kumkumadi Oil?

Kumkumadi oil is a pure natural oil that perfectly supports the nourishment of the skin. Crocus sativus is the specific plant that is famously referred to as kumkuma. Kesar, aka saffron, is the common name for this spice. People take this plant, which is thought to aid in the development of vibrant and luminous skin. This miraculous oil is made according to ancient Ayurvedic scriptures.

Most of the population knows it as saffron oil, and it’s been used to manage and boost skin health for centuries. The best thing is that it can be massaged into the skin or simply left on the face to get additional benefits. People who have been continuously using the oil can simply tell you how much different it is from other regular oils.

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How to Use


Start by cleaning your face as you normally would at bedtime. Following cleansing, apply Pure Mogra or Lavender or Rose or Vetiver water to your skin.

Facial Oiling

Take a few drops of Kumkumadi oil in your hands, rub it on your face with your fingertips, and softly rub it in until it is completely absorbed.


To get the best effects, let the Kumkumadi oil function overnight. The next morning, rinse it with a gentle natural cleanser.

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Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil

Saffron (Keshara), the most well-known component of this magical oil, is renowned for its ability to modify your skin tone. It improves the complexion by renewing skin cells and increasing blood circulation.

You may feel shocked to know that its benefits can simply go beyond skin lightening. If you have any skin concerns, such as blemishes or some types of fungal or bacterial infections, then you can feel free to use this oil and let it fix them naturally. Are you concerned that using Kumkumadi oil as a face oil may exacerbate your oily skin? While many face oils are ineffective for oily skin, Kumkumadi oil contains special components that are both suited and useful for oily skin!

The principal substance in this oil, saffron pollen, has been shown in studies to have an inherent sun protection feature. This oil, together with a combination of other extracts and essences from substances such as almond oil, saffron oil, sesame oil, rose oil, turmeric, sandalwood, and lotus, can protect the skin from harmful sun rays and UV rays, preventing premature ageing and skin tanning.

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Many people are concerned about dark circles under their eyes because they make them appear fatigued, dull, old, and even unwell. By massaging the affected regions in a slow circular motion with Kumkumadi oil on a regular basis, you can lessen these appearances, making you look glowing, younger and healthy.

We hope you love to know about this miraculous oil. Now, you definitely want to try it. Well, if you really want to leverage all the benefits without any disappointment, then feel free to visit the official website of Shankara. Don’t forget to explore other 100% authentic Ayurveda products.

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