Bariatric equipment refers to devices and medical equipment created for obese patients. With a growing number of Australians being overweight, this article will explore the best healthcare equipment for treating obese patients in hospital settings.

Bariatric equipment used in healthcare industry consists of various adjustable beds, slings and carry chairs that are optimal for obese patients. The following are some of them.

Top Bariatric Healthcare Equipment for Obese Patients 

Bariatric Adjustable Beds

Heavy-duty adjustable beds are essential bariatric equipment for hospitals, aged care facilities, and homes dealing with obese patients. Available in various sizes, these pieces of medical equipment can accommodate people weighing up to 400kg. In addition, adjustable beds for obese patients are designed to ease the mattress into a reclined position, allowing patients to use them with minimal discomfort.

Slings And Carry Chairs

Slings and carry chairs for obese people offer a lightweight and portable option. Donning a simple design of a sling attached to four sturdy legs, these pieces of medical equipment are found in various sizes to accommodate patients weighing up to 220kg.

Along with being lightweight, slings and carry chairs are also comfortable for patients. They have a deep seat with easily and manageable side-accessible controls by design.

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Overbed Tables

Overbed tables are another essential piece of bariatric equipment to consider in hospitals or facilities that deliver care to obese people.

These devices allow patients to sit comfortably for long periods without the risk of developing pressure sores. Overbed tables come in various sizes to accommodate obese patients up to 300kg (Bariatric overbed table – Clinical standard).

Shelf Trolleys

Shelf trolleys are another valuable bariatric equipment perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities. With a wide range of sizes available, shelf trolleys are suitable for patients weighing up to 220kg (Bariatric shelf trolley – Clinical standard).

Shelf trolleys are easy to use and easily transportable. They have side-accessible controls that enable patients to adjust the height, shelves, and frame easily.


Patient Lifters

According to research, the increasing prevalence of various lifestyle disorders, such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), is one of the reasons driving the growth of bariatric equipment.

If you’re looking for bariatric equipment that can assist obese patients in moving from one place to another, then patient lifters are a great option.

Designed with multiple functions, these pieces of medical equipment can transfer patients from their bed into their wheelchair and from their wheelchair into a car.

Patient lifters can also transfer patients from one surface height to another. For example, obese patients who have difficulty climbing stairs can use patient lifters to transfer from ground level to a raised bed or chair.

Standing Systems

Standing systems are another essential piece of equipment for obese patients in hospital settings. These can help patients maintain a standing position for long periods, necessary for circulation and wellbeing.

Patients who use standing systems will often stand during procedures such as dressing changes and wound cleansing or just while they’re talking to friends and family.

Standing systems come in various sizes and configurations and can be used on any surface.

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Walkers and Rollators

Patients who need to use a walker or rollator should consider options that provide good support for prone positioning.

These pieces of medical equipment are available with a wide range of features to support obese patients up to 220kg. In addition, bariatric options of walkers and rollators have larger wheels with balloon tires to make them useful for outdoor use on uneven surfaces.

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