When you feel good about yourself, and you’re healthy, you’re better able to take care of yourself and others. When you slack in this area, you make poor decisions, and your well-being suffers. Understand that you’re worth it and you have the power to create your own destiny.

Know that there will be slip-ups and frustrations, but don’t let that stop you from getting back at it. Avoid overcomplicating the situation or thinking that you’re going to transform overnight. Be patient with yourself and accept that getting in shape is a process. See simple solutions for helping you maintain or lose weight.

7 simple solutions for helping you maintain or lose weight

Educate yourself

Start by reading, researching and speaking to others who’ve been able to conquer major health hurdles in their life. Learn all there is to know what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle and take better care of yourself. The more you know, the more empowered you’re going to feel and confident that you can do this regardless of any doubts or hesitations. Understand what foods you should be eating and avoiding. Know the recommended amount of exercise and sleep you should have, so you get started on the right foot.

Set Goals

Goals are helpful in the sense that they make your path to weight loss tangible. You’re able to see for yourself what it is you’re trying to achieve and how you’re going to get there. It helps you keep your eye on the prize and you on track to reach a certain point of achievement. While it’s good to have goals leading the way for you, remember that maintaining a healthy weight should be a lifestyle. Set your goal weight and then put measures in place that help keep you in a range you feel comfortable with for years to come.

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Track what you Eat & Drink

Grab a journal or your phone and start tracking what you’re eating and drinking. It may surprise you how many calories or sugars your favourite foods and drinks contain. This is a great way, to be honest with yourself about what you’re consuming on a daily basis. Seeing your behaviours firsthand may be powerful enough to change your habits. You may realise that you weren’t all that aware of how many calories you were taking in each day; keeping a journal is a great way to help you start cutting back by keeping. Also, eat slowly and enjoy your food.

Take Advantage of your Lunch Break

If you’re someone who likes to work a lot and never takes breaks, now’s the time to start implementing new habits and taking care of yourself. Bring your own lunch, so you’re not tempted to eat unhealthy options at a restaurant. Use your lunch break to have a healthy meal, walk outside or read inspirational stories about other people who’ve lost weight. Sitting at your desk for hours on end isn’t good for you. It’s necessary to take breaks and get up and move on a consistent basis.

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Get Proper Sleep

Getting good sleep is absolutely necessary if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Sleep regulates your mind and body and helps you to feel refreshed the next day. You need your energy for healthy functioning and staying on top of your responsibilities without feeling completely drained. When you’re tired, you tend to make unhealthy choices related to food and exercise. Rest and take care of yourself, so you’re alert and in control of your actions, even when life gets busy.

Cook more at Home

Even if you don’t like to cook, some meals aren’t as complicated to prepare that taste delicious too. You may learn to love it after doing it for a while. It’s a great activity for refocusing your mind, and it’s uplifting knowing that what you’re doing is good for your health. Cooking more at home will save you calories and money. You can better control your portion size and what ingredients you’re using for each recipe. This is also a chance for you to gather the family and have meals together around the table.

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Stick with it

The best way to start seeing results is to stick with it. Losing weight is not a race. It’s typically a slow and steady process that requires patience on your end. It’s important to stick with it and not give up if you want to experience results. Have motivators in place for those times you feel defeated or on the cusp of going back to your old ways. Maintaining and losing weight has a lot to do with how you think and not solely your behaviours. Stay positive in the midst of difficulty and believe in yourself that you can reach your goals. Ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable if it helps you keep track better.


Wanting to maintain or lose weight is a good goal to have. Use these tips as guidelines to help you move forward in the right direction and overcome any setbacks. You’re the only one who can make change a reality in your life. These are simple solutions for helping you maintain or lose weight.

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