If you are in your 30s, it is time to take steps to prevent the signs of ageing. The way you treat your skin today will show results in the future. There are two most important things you need to do for your skin. One is to protect it from the UV rays of the sun and the other is to quit smoking. These are the two things you need to do right away. You might see subtle signs of ageing in your thirties and it is the perfect time to address the issue. Here are a few anti-ageing tips for you.

Prevent Premature Ageing

Always wear sunscreen

No matter the weather, you need to wear sunscreen daily. Wear sunscreen in every season and make it a habit. It should be a part of your daily routine. The harmful rays of the sun can cause significant damage to the skin and you can only protect it with sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 and reads a broad spectrum on its label. This means it will protect you against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The UVA rays can cause ageing effects and you need to get UVA protection. Make it a point to reapply the sunscreen after regular hours as mentioned on the label. Also, be liberal when you apply it and use it often enough. Apply it to your neck, arms and legs if you plan to go swimming.

Avoid tanning

Tanning can make your skin look lifeless. It is one of the biggest mistakes most women make. When you damage the skin with ultraviolet radiation, it looks worse. A lot of sun can lead to the discolouration of the skin and can damage the collagen. If you are working for a tanned look, you can use sunless tanners which come in the form of sprays.

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Wear sunglasses

It is important to protect your eyes from the sun and keep the delicate skin around your eyes safe. Wear quality sunglasses and do not leave the house without them. However, this does not mean you do not need to wear sunscreen.

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Quit smoking

If you have a habit of smoking, you need to give it up. It can not only damage your skin but will also have a negative impact on your health and body. Smoking will speed up the process of breakdown of collagen and will restrict the blood vessels to carry nutrients to your skin. Smokers also tend to wrinkle early and it shows on their faces. If you are considering quitting smoking, check out the 8 ways to kick the smoking habit here, to give yourself some tips and tricks.

Avoid alcohol

Having a drink once in a few weeks is fine but if you have too much alcohol, it will dehydrate your skin and will dilate the blood vessels. You could also develop broken blood vessels if you drink too much. Thus, you must follow a healthy diet pattern and avoid drinking as much as possible. In fact, a healthy diet will also help improve your skin condition by restoring the NAD level; maintaining the health of your skin cells and tissues. So, it’s a win-win.

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Use retinol

Prescription face medications like Renova and Retin-A can help your skin look younger. Retinoids are sold without a prescription. You can use them at any age and it is recommended to use them in your twenties as an anti-ageing strategy. If you have a lot of sun damage, you might want to start using it right away. If not, you can even start in your forties. The difference that retinol can make will depend on the baseline of the skin.

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Choose antioxidants

For a lot of women in their twenties and thirties, the basic skincare routine is washing the face with a gentle cleanser and using a moisturizer at night. You also need to consider using antioxidants like grape seed extract, green tea, vitamins A, E and C. Opt for skin products which have antioxidants and apply them in the morning before you use a sunscreen moisturizer. Both these products can help protect the skin from damage. You also need to use an anti-ageing cream regularly as a part of your routine.

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Look for treatments for skin damage

If you already have a lot of sun damage, laser treatments or light peels can help you. The procedures are designed to help your skin more than a facial can. If you have acne, do not pick it because the scars will end up looking like wrinkles when you age.

Keep these simple skin care tips in mind and no matter your age, start looking after the skin right away. If you want a young looking at the skin at a later stage in life, you need to put in the effort right now so as to see the results a few years down the line.

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