Where we live can have a huge impact on not only who we are, but also how we feel. We spend multiple hours at our homes or apartments every day, so it should be somewhere we love. We want to feel relaxed there, happy there and be proud of where we live. Unfortunately, while nearly all of us live in a house, apartment or condo, much fewer of us live in what we would call home.

In fact, according to a recent report by IKEA, many people don’t feel a sense of belonging in their homes, and actually, feel more connected to other places more than their home. With most of us spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house, condo or apartment, it should be someplace we love and want to spend time. 

Thankfully, turning your house into a home isn’t always as tough as it sounds. Sure, things like family, security, safety and happiness can make any place feel like home, there are also many things you can do within a house to make it feel like a home. Best of all, many of them can be done without having to spend a dollar and won’t take a ton of time. 

Without any further ado, this blog post is going to look at a couple of things that can make your house a home without having to spend even a dollar. 

Use Nature

Furnishing tips

Many people love the outdoors and love the calming mood that flowers, plants and the outdoors as a whole can bring. So why not bring the outdoors indoors? Doing so can add some personality to your house and make it feel much more like home. Anything from twigs, flowers, pine cones and plants can really complete the look of your home. These can be put in pots, in vases, in bowls or just beautifully laid out. 

Not only can this make your house feel more like home. But it can also look (and potentially smell) great in the process as well. While you can go out and buy different plants, flowers, twigs or other greenery, there is also a chance you could just go out to your yard and find them as well. Of course, be sure to take the necessary steps to keep the plants alive and doing well. 

Freshen it Up

Many of us lead very busy lives,  between work, social lives and everything else most of us have on our plates. One of the first things we often put off or forget to do if we’re busy is to clean and freshen up our houses. Unfortunately, if we leave this too long our homes can become a pigsty. As a result, it is good to freshen up your house every once in a while to make it more homely. 

This can include cleaning curtains, replacing and washing bed sheets, cleaning/shampooings carpet and furniture, cleaning baseboards and much more. For example, cleaning off your cabinets (such as the high-quality options at https://www.bestonlinecabinets.com/kitchen-cabinets-for-sale/) can really add to the look of your kitchen. Once completed, you will likely be shocked at how different your place looks and how much more it feels like a home. A few hours and a little bit of hard work can completely change how you feel about your living space. 

Change the Scenery

While many of us love the houses we bought and live in, this love and appreciation can, unfortunately, dwindle over time. As we get used to our homes as they are, we may begin to lose interest in them. This obviously is not a good way for a house to feel like a home. Getting bored with your house is all too common, but thankfully there is an easy way to fix this. 

And that is to move around your furniture. Moving around your furniture, TV, decor, art and even tables can really help your house feel like a home. Rearranging everything can give you a fresh perspective on your living space and the pieces you have at your disposal. This change will reinvigorate you and can give you a fresh and new appreciation for your home, and make it feel exciting again. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you identify some things that can make your house a home without you having to spend a single dollar. 

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