When you love your luxuries, it’s difficult to keep your spending in check. This can sometimes lead to a poor credit record, which hurts your ability to go on holiday in the future. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to make a holiday more affordable to ensure you can go away every year.

Luxury Holiday

Here are some ideas on not letting bad debt stop you and finding ways to finance a luxurious holiday.

Is a Personal Loan the Answer?

A personal loan can be used for any purpose you like, so if you are dreaming of a vacation with soft, sandy beaches, and exhilarating water sports, perhaps at hotel Amanyara Resort in Turks And Caicos, or similar, this could be the solution for you. Sometimes, the lender asks for what you wish to spend the money on. This gives the lender an idea of what borrowers are using the funds for.

Not everyone can qualify for a personal loan. When you’ve got bad credit, it’s difficult to use a high street bank and get approved for a loan. Alternative lenders for an unsecured loan to take a holiday aren’t always cooperative and usually charge high-interest rates too. This is partly because of the bad credit history but also due to no collateral or security being pledged for the loan.

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Buying a Caravan for Trips in the UK and Europe

A caravan is a good workaround when wishing to travel luxuriously within the UK and continental Europe too. While a personal loan might not be possible, even with a history of bad debt it’s often possible to borrow enough to buy a good quality caravan. This is because the caravan purchase acts as reliable security against the loan, which makes the lender feel much safer.

There are many different places to visit with a caravan. Caravan parks can be luxurious or basic depending on how much you wish to pay to stay there overnight. Therefore, it’s up to you how decadent you wish to live while travelling.

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Places to Stay with Incredible Scenery

There’s nothing like finding an awesome place to stay with your caravan that has impressive scenery, great rambling opportunities, and excellent local restaurants to try out.

The Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park is a great example of this. It’s situated in a picturesque part of Somerset, has a country park surrounding it and a fly-fishing lake nearby for keen anglers. It’s been voted as a top site for caravan and motorhome owners in 2019 and several previous years too.

There’s also Beverley Park in Devon which overlooks the sea and has places for caravans, tents and separate lodges too. It’s previously been voted highly in the British Travel Awards too. There’s even access to both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

Hidden Valley Park is situated in Devon among woodland, which provides bike riding and hiking opportunities out of the sun. There are several sandy beaches on the coastline nearby to access easily as well. Enjoy a Devon cream tea on a quiet afternoon and completely relax.

You shouldn’t let a bad credit score prevent you from enjoying luxury holiday experiences. It just takes a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to set yourself up for success.

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