Food is one of life’s simple pleasures and we rely on it not only to live but to celebrate. We meet friends for coffee and slices of delicious cake at lunchtime. We go out for dinner in restaurants with beautiful food on the menu that almost looks too good to eat.

We dine on slap-up breakfasts after a night out and we enjoy doing it. Food is a pleasure and we treat it as such.

When it comes to our health, food is imperative. We not only have to eat the right foods to keep cholesterol down, but we need to eat food that keeps our hearts and brains healthy. It’s a no-brainer really, that if we eat junk, our bodies respond sluggishly and if we eat raw, healthy foods our body has an energy response that’s out of this world.

For some, getting in their five fruit and veg a day is a hindrance. Let’s be honest here, sometimes vegetables are downright boring. But slathering them in butter or cheese (oh so tasty!) is not good for us. We, like children, have to learn to love them!

Healthy Indulgence

So, how can we make veggies fun? Eating healthily can be a chore, but it also comes with a little indulgence. How can we put the humble apple on a pedestal without wrapping it in crumble and custard?

  • Some fruit is fantastic for ‘on the go’ like bananas and satsumas as they don’t require cutting up or utensils. Stocking up on easy to eat food makes it handy to grab on a busy day.
  • Smoothies are fantastic for getting in veggies you wouldn’t normally eat. There are simply tons of books out there on the shelves that can give you thousands of smoothie combos to suit you.
  • Freezing berries and using them over porridge can give you a boost in vitamins when you start your day, helping your metabolism to crank up and give you that get up and go.
  • Keeping a fruit bowl on your desk is a good way to get your five a day. When you’re at work and your body is starting to slow down and get tired, grabbing easy fruits or even carrots can boost you up so you can keep going.
  • Many supermarkets now sell apple slices with a peanut butter dip – making fruit fun! They do the same with carrots and hummus so making your own versions is inexpensive.
  • If you’re feeling truly indulgent, melting a little dark chocolate and dipping strawberries into it can give you your fruit for the day with a naughty treat on top!

Obviously, your five a day in fruit or veg are important. From juicing to smoothie-making, you can be on top of your health just by being a little bit creative with how you present your food to yourself. Elevate that boring old apple with whole organic peanut butter and you’ll never look back!

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