Hair removal using wax is a very popular method of hair removal, offering benefits such as less regrowth, a reduction in ingrown hairs, no shaving cuts, less itching, and more! There are many do-it-yourself waxing kits available on the market, which means you can get the benefits of waxing right from the comfort of your own home!

However, although waxing is thought to be a much more effective method, the technique is a lot harder to master than shaving or using an epilator – plus it can get quite messy and become stuck on and stain clothes. Here’s how to safely and effectively remove it.

Hair removing wax contains oils, which cannot dissolve in water. Therefore, you need a good method to get rid of those wax drips.

Removing hair wax from clothes

Step 1. Wait for the wax to completely cool

You can end up severely burning yourself if you don’t wait long enough for the wax to harden. Additionally, you won’t be able to get it off whilst it’s still in liquid form.

Step 2. Gently scrape off the wax

Once the wax has cooled, try and scrape off as much wax as you can by hand. If it won’t budge, you may want to use a small precision knife to unpick as much of it as you can. However, be careful not to damage the fabric and pay extra attention to any wax which is stuck to fibres – don’t just rip it apart!

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Step 3. Sandwich the fabric

Next, you want to sandwich the targeted fabric between either two tea towels or two sheets of blotting paper – whatever you’re using make sure it’s heat resistant. Then, use an iron on a low setting to gently heat up the waxy fabric through the materials used to sandwich it.

Step 4. Washing liquid

After warming up the wax so it’s soft, apply a good amount of washing up liquid on the stain. Don’t rub it in but just leave it to sit and soak into the stain for a while.

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Step 5. Wash

Next, put your wax-stained fabric into the washing machine without rinsing off the washing up liquid. Put your wash on a high heat alongside detergent as this will ensure the wax will come off easier.

Step 6. Finish

As soon as your cycle is finished, take your fabric out of the washing machine and hang it to dry naturally. You may need to repeat the process if the stain is particularly tough.

Voila! Your clothes should now be wax-free!

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