Incontinence is an integral part of growing older. Most seniors encounter it at some point, and many end up facing long-term problems. According to statistics, nearly 51 per cent of people over 65 report bladder and/or bowel incontinence. That’s a lot of people struggling with physical discomfort and low self-esteem, right?

And you may be one of them, but worry not, there are ways to regain your self-confidence and better control over your bladder. All you need to do is invest in self-care beyond the basics. Lucky for you, we have a checklist of actionable and effective ways to help you deal with urinary incontinence and get back to living your life with confidence. Here you go!

Regain Your Confidence- 5 Self-Care Tips for Managing Senior Incontinence

Mind your diet

Of course, you must watch what you put on your plate as a senior. But you need to be extra conscious if your bladder is in trouble. Certain foods and beverages can worsen incontinence symptoms, so be mindful of them.

Coffee, tea, spicy foods, and alcohol are all common triggers. But don’t worry, you needn’t give up your morning cup altogether. Just avoid going over the top, specifically when going for a long ride or a shopping trip.

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Get your Kegel on

This one’s something for all seniors. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for better control over bladder and bowel functions. You can check online videos or seek guidance from your doctor to embrace a Kegel routine.

Believe it or not, it can make all the difference. The best part is that performing Kegel exercises is a breeze as you can do them anywhere, anytime.

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Invest in the right products

Wearing the right incontinence products is a form of self-care, as it can help you manage leaks and feel confident. You can trust quality pee panties that keep you safe at home, in the market, and during long road trips.

You can find washable, reusable options, which means you need not burn your budget to preserve your dignity.

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Stay hydrated

Surprisingly, drinking more water may help you stay healthy despite incontinence, provided you don’t overdo it. Staying hydrated is crucial for overall health, so you must not cut your intake to reduce your toilet trips.

All you have to do is train your bladder to hold the urine by managing the timelines. A little practice does the trick.

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Focus on good hygiene

Proper hygiene is essential for dealing with the side effects of incontinence, such as skin irritation and infections. Be sure to clean and dry your genital area thoroughly after a leak. Using barrier creams or ointments also helps.

Consider using wipes designed for incontinence care. Good hygiene keeps you healthy and limits stress, so don’t get complacent with it.

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The Takeaway

Incontinence doesn’t have to control your life, no matter how much it stresses you out. Embrace these simple self-care tips to manage your symptoms and regain self-confidence. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should be vocal about your problems and see an expert sooner than later. You deserve your best life, so go for it!

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