Now that the UK is finally set to open up again, and people will be able to see their friends, family and loved ones for the first time in months, the days of needing to watch Joe Wicks on your TV to exercise should, in theory, be over.

So, with this in mind, we thought we’d compile a quick list of some of the best exercises we think you should not only start training for now but also carry on taking up properly once lockdown the restrictions are finally lifted.

There is a lot you can do at home to get in shape, after all. So, what better way is there than to utilise your remaining time in lockdown than by ensuring you’re ready to get that summer body back when the lockdown comes to an end.

The summer sports to take up during & after lockdown 


Now that the summer months are coming up, the weather should – hopefully – be getting better. Therefore, if you’re looking to play a sport that will also enable you to pick up a tan at the same time, golf could be the one for you.

While it may not be the same lung-busting exercise as certain other sports listed here, golf is a great way of blowing off some steam while, at the same time, offering a range of unexpected health benefits.

Plus, it’s an incredibly social game, offering the perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends and family while navigating a range of tricky shots.

To start learning golf at home, there is a variety of equipment to think about investing in. Whether it be a fully-fledged golf simulator system, a practice net, golf enclosure or artificial golf turf, the choice will ultimately come down to two things: your budget and your personal preference.

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If you’ve missed being able to see people during the lockdown and are looking to take up a sport well-known for offering a bit of a social buzz to it, football is a great shout.

Whether it be five-a-side, six-a-side, seven-a-side or more, regardless of how experienced you are, there are a variety of great websites which offer footballers of all ages and experience levels the chance to meet and arrange a kickabout. 

Alternatively, the FA’s website is another great way of contacting local amateur clubs to get into grassroots football or our Playfinder app will allow you to book local sports facilities around your area. 

However, in the lead up to your first training session, it’s important to get your fitness levels up a bit and ensure you have the right equipment in places, such as a decent pair of shin pads and football boots (or astroturf boots).

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While on the topic of social sports, playing netball is a fantastic way of potentially meeting new friends at the same time as burning off those lockdown calories.

To get started, ask your friend, flatmate or family member to practice with you and help you get to grips with the range of passes and types of movement involved. You could even buy yourself a hoop if you see yourself as more of a goal shooter than a defender.

Again, make sure you have the right shoes and training equipment available as well – the last thing you want, after all, is to injure yourself before you’ve properly got going.

Then, once the lockdown is over, contact your local netball club by heading to the England Netball website and searching for a team using your postcode.  

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With a jam-packed summer schedule of cricket due to be returning to our TVs this summer, why not think about learning how to play yourself?

Whether you see yourself as more of a batter or a bowler, cricket is a highly social sport that requires well thought out tactics and a real sense of team camaraderie.

While you may need a fair bit of room to practice at home, with a pop-up wicket and a supportive friend, family member, flatmate or person to practice with, you should be able to head down to your local club’s nets for a hit around.

If you’re a complete newbie to the sport though, start by using safe cricket balls and focusing on getting your form in place first. That way, you will keep yourself safe from injury and build your skillset up in a more controlled way.

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Final Thoughts…

The lockdown has been incredibly tough on all of us and, whether knowingly or not, will have played havoc on our mental health. As such, it’s important to be proactive about getting some sense of normality into our lives – something that playing a new sport can really help with.

Whether it be one of the sports listed here or another one you’ve thought of yourself, if the past 12 months have taught us anything, it should be that health is vital. 

Therefore, the more you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy now, the better you’ll feel for it over the long run.

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