Moments of Solitude – they used to make me uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to do when I’d be alone. I’d consistently make sure I was always doing something and keeping myself busy with others around.

Embracing Moments of Solitude

“Now, I crave solitude. I crave time alone.”

Time alone to: ⁣

    • reflect 
    • visualise
    • let emotions set in⁣
    • give me time to think and feel⁣
    • be uncomfortable ⁣
    • to give me space to grow

Constantly surrounding ourselves with people doesn’t allow for introspection. ⁣⁣Give yourself time. Even a few moments. Allow yourself to just be with yourself. ⁣⁣

Enjoy Your Own Company
If you can’t enjoy your own company; how can anyone else? ⁣⁣

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