This September makes a small change to your everyday shopping and helps us make a big difference. Top tips from The Soil Association of what foods would be great to try if you’re thinking of going organic.

Organic September

Idea 1 – Top for different reasons:

  1. Health – organic milk is higher in omega 3s and lowers in saturated fat than non-organic milk
  2. Budget – debunking the myth that organic is always more expensive – Waitrose LoveLife fruit, seed & nut muesli, for example, is more expensive than Waitrose LoveLife Organic Muesli or Dorset cereals organic muesli
  3. Environment – Honey – organic honey bees source pollen and nectar from organic farmland, which naturally supports greater biodiversity than conventional farmland.
  4. Animal Welfare – Eggs/ poultry – higher welfare standards mean chickens are likely to be healthier and need less medicine.
  5. To avoid a hangover (!) sulphites used in conventional wine can exacerbate the effect of a hangover for those who are intolerant to them.

Idea 2 – Top for health:

  1. Milk – organic milk has been shown to be up to 68% higher in omega-3 (great for heart health) and naturally lower in saturated fat.
  2. Veg – research by Newcastle University has shown that calorie for calorie, organic veg contain up to 60% more antioxidants than non-organic, helping to ward off the effects of ageing, could help protect against cancer and diabetes among other great health-boosting properties.
  3. Tea – a lot of people don’t realise that pesticides on conventional teas today aren’t rinsed off until you infuse them in your cup. Organic tea doesn’t bring any nasties with it.
  4. Meat – one of the biggest problems facing the population is antibiotic resistance.  Intensively reared animals are given antibiotics preventatively to avoid disease. By choosing organic meat, you’re lessening the likelihood of having antibiotics passed down the food chain as organic animals are only given antibiotics if they really need it.
  5. Eggs – Higher welfare means chickens are likely to be healthier + organic chicken feed is lower in nasties meaning fewer pesticides and no GM residue is passing down the food chain to you.
  6. Wine! – OK, it might not be quite boosting your health but avoiding a hangover! Often the symptoms we associate with a hangover can actually be caused by the sulphites used to preserve non-organic wine, get rid of the sulphites by drinking organic wine and your head may be clearer in the morning.

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