When was the last time you stopped and took a moment to think about the relationships in your life? When was the last time you truly realised how much you value and appreciate them?

No matter how soon or how long ago it was, there’s always a reason to show appreciation now, especially to those who are near and dear to you. Not only will you make them feel good when you express your gratitude to them, but you will let them know how much you value them and their contribution to your life. It can be way too easy to take a relationship for granted, especially when it’s healthy and mutually satisfying, but it’s best not to let that happen and to show them how much you care.

How to Show a Friend How Much They Mean to You
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Here are four easy ways to make your closest friends and loved ones feel appreciated.

1. Plan a night in

A night out can be fun, but a night in feels more intimate. When you invite someone into your home, you’re communicating a level of trust and respect, and when you cook for them as well, it certainly shows gratitude. Plus, a night in is relaxing and gives you the opportunity to talk without having to talk over loud music or other people’s conversations like you would have to if you were in a pub or restaurant.

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2. Send them a gift or card

Sending a thank you card can make the recipient feel incredibly special, as it’s all too common for people to send a text or email instead. The card can be for a specific reason or just a general ‘thank you’ for being an influence or good friend in your life. Whatever the reason, it will make them smile and feel loved.

If you want to take it a step further and get them a gift, you don’t have to think big. Small but meaningful gifts are a lovely way of showing your gratitude. You could send them flowers or chocolates, a small trinket that reminds them of you in some way or even customise a t-shirt that plays off a fun memory or inside joke. Customised gifts are extra special, as they’re personalised just for them, so t-shirt printing in Glasgow is a great gift to surprise your friend or loved one.

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3. Initiate a conversation about them

A simple ‘How are you?’ text can mean the world to someone, especially if they’re going through a hardship you may not have known about otherwise and need someone to talk to. Lending an ear and listening to them shows them that you’re there for them just as they are for you.

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4. Include them in other plans

If you have plans with other people but feel your friend or loved one would get along well and be comfortable going with you, why not invite them out as well? Not every relationship is meant to cross over with others, but the gesture of wanting to include them in your other plans or introduce them to other meaningful people in your life can show them that you truly value the relationship you have.

Appreciation to Those You Love

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