Ostomy is a surgery wherein the surgeon makes an artificial opening in your body to flush out the waste. It is called a stoma in medical terms. Many people worldwide undergo different ostomies to recover from life-threatening diseases, such as colostomy, urostomy, and ileostomy.

The doctors attach a bag to the stoma that collects the urine and poop from your body. You may feel weird as to how you will live after the operation. Experts suggest that if the ostomy patient takes care of a few things, he can live a regular life. This article cites some tips to help you adapt to life after an ostomy. Read on.

Tips for adapting to life after ostomy

Ostomy equipment and bags

Getting a bag attached to your body for poop collection is emotionally challenging for people to handle. Therefore, first, you need to make yourself comfortable with the ostomy equipment and bag. There are different types of bags available in the market. The ostomy nurse connects with you after your surgery and suggests the best bag for you. People who have loose poop go for drainable bags that they can replace after 2-3 days. People who buy their ostomy supplies from Byram Healthcare opine that the bags come with hypoallergenic material and filters. It prevents skin irritation and unpleasant smell. It becomes easy once you learn to manage the equipment and replace the bags.

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In the initial days after undergoing surgery, your doctors will suggest a low-fibre diet to prevent large stool size. Your bowel is weak after the surgery; therefore, it is essential to have a low-fibre diet. Your nurse will give you the go-ahead on the regular diet. You can begin to eat one thing at a time and see how it affects your body. Gradually, you can make a list of all the things you need to avoid and others that cause no harm. As per healthcare advisors, most people get back to their previous diet in a few weeks.

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Exercise and Sports

In the initial stage, you should take advice from your doctors about the exercise routine. As you recover, you can get back to your regular exercise routine, such as running. If you are an athlete and are not involved in risky sports, such as wrestling and boxing, you can continue playing. Many people with ostomy bags go swimming and enjoy playing lawn tennis, go-karting, etc. So, yes, you need to keep your patience for a few weeks until you recover, and then you can enjoy your sport.

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You need to rest and recover before you can travel. After receiving it, there is no reason for you not to travel. Instead, visit different places and enjoy your life as you would before the surgery. Getting a bag for pop or urine is a sign that you have gained a new life, so you better enjoy it as much. Many countries have a RADAR key for ostomy patients to access public toilets. It helps change the poop bag easily.


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Final Words

It is usual for people to feel weird with a sac attached to their body. But you need to understand that the doctors put this bag to save you from dying. With a little more patience and care for yourself, you can enjoy life as before. There are certain restrictions for ostomy patients depending on the type of surgery. But, it should not prevent you from living life and doing things you enjoy.

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