I love make-up (like most women do) and I am all for using foundations, but as I am getting older, sometimes you just want something lighter. Tinted moisturisers are great for a more casual finish – kind of like wearing your favorite pair of jeans. They’re easier to work with because they’re more sheer, they have a lightweight texture and they usually have an SPF benefit.

If you’ve never tried a tinted moisturizer, but you’ve been dying to, you’ve got to try out this one from NuSkin.

Nu Colour Advanced Liquid Finish

Providing a beautiful, matte finish, Nu Colour Advanced Liquid Finish SPF 15 extends your anti-ageing benefits and rejuvenates your appearance. Upon application, this advanced product helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use Nu Colour Advanced Liquid Finish daily following your anti-ageing skin care regimen for bright, flawless coverage and younger looking skin.

Investment: £38.35

Website: www.nuskin.com

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