Everybody has a past. What makes yours different from everyone else’s is that you actually lived and survived yours. Your life shoes were fitted for you and not for anyone else.

Your past only shows where you have been. Your today dictates where you are going. Don’t let your past dictate where you are going.

Understanding where you were in life, in comparison to where you are, will help you to be able to understand where you are going.

Your Journey

10 things to remember on Your Journey

  1. Take time every day to visualise your goals
  2. Be honest with yourself – if there’s a problem or something’s not working, admit to yourself and take responsibility so you can move past it
  3. Don’t let old patterns dictate how things are done. You have the power to change
  4. Believe that what you want to achieve is a done deal.
  5. Evaluate your daily routine – are you happy? If not, do something to change it.
  6. Get a timer and use it to make sure you get the most out of your time each day.
  7. Think about what you can delegate and systemise so that you can spend more time with family and friends.
  8. Identify a few businesses you love and admire and investigate how you can model their success.
  9. Value yourself – learn to say no if it doesn’t work for you.
  10. Remember that YOU ARE IN CHARGE – so take control!

Be courageous in your life. Be brave enough to try something different. Only then will you discover new life possibilities.

If you are always doing the same thing, you will always end up with the same results. Do something different and gain a different result.

Goal Planning

“Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire – Live a well-designed life; Consciously, Intentionally and Wholeheartedly ♡”

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