Rabbits are adorable and unique animals that require lots of love, attention and specific care. In order for your rabbit to live a healthy and happy life, you need to ensure you’re caring for your rabbit properly and meeting their essential care needs. The following tips have been gathered to help you prepare and care for your rabbit in the best possible way, ensuring they’re happy and healthy for many years to come.

How to Care for a Pet Rabbit

Bunny-Proof the House

One of the main things that rabbits require is space and lots of it. Rabbits like to be able to roam around, hopping from place to place without being kept in small, tight spaces. With this in mind, you need to take a look at your house and ensure its properly bunny proofed. Make sure that the main location for your rabbits’ activity, such as daily exploring, is a safe, secure space that has no exposed cables or other dangerous items that could cause any harm to your rabbit. Similarly, you may want to put some protective tape around the legs of any chairs, sofas and tables as you may find the odd nibble bite from your furry friend.

Provide the Right Food

It may seem like a very obvious thing to do when you have a pet, but many people fail to provide their rabbits with the specific nutrients and fibre required to keep them healthy. Rabbits are very particular when it comes to their food, so you want to ensure they receive a balanced diet each day. From fibre-rich pellets to herbage and nuggets, you can find a wide selection of rabbit friendly food for them to enjoy. You can find a wide selection of nutritious rabbit food online here, with big brands that rabbits love. Hay is also an important feature within a rabbit’s life. Their diets should mainly consist of hay and they should have access to it at all times.

Litter Tray Setup

By setting up a litter tray for your rabbit to use, you’re providing them with one space to go to the toilet. Rabbits like to use the toilet in one area, so a litter tray is ideal for this and ensures they feel settled and comfortable. Position their litter tray close to their food and water, not too close but close enough for them to identify this area as their space to go to whenever they need. To line their litter tray, you should use specific materials such as recycled newspaper, as this is a safe material to use with rabbits. Avoid using materials such as clay or wood shavings, as these are dangerous to rabbits.

Groom them Frequently

Whilst rabbits are generally clean animals, it’s still beneficial to groom them every now and then. There are a couple of times within the year that rabbits shed, and this can become uncomfortable for them. By grooming them frequently you can keep on top of any shedding and ensure your rabbit feels comfortable and happy.


Choose the Right Vet

It can be difficult to know which vet to go for, so it’s always worth doing a little research before you make your decision. You want your vet to be comfortable and savvy when it comes to rabbits, but you also want to ensure you have confidence in your vet too. Speak to people in your local area or do a little online research to find out what the local vets are like to help you make the right decision.

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