Have you ever wondered who THEY are?

  • THEY say we must follow this trend
  • THEY say we should never give our children treats
  • THEY say we should burn ourselves out in a quest to become superwomen

Who is this mysterious lot and how did they write such a ridiculous (invisible) rulebook that everyone seems anxious to follow? Why do we put ourselves under so much pressure to follow THEIR rules?

Well, here’s an idea: A challenge if you like. Why don’t you throw out these extreme notions of social conformity – that are actually non-existent – and live life according to your own set of values and morals (within the limits of the law of course!). Radical, huh?

Wouldn’t you be far happier, fulfilled, content, confident and all those other feel-good words if you lived life your way?

So many women believe there is a handbook that we must follow to live a successful life. Empower yourself to find what works for you and your family, and start enjoying life. In essence, get back to basics and recapture all those values YOU truly believe in.

You have a wealth of qualities and experiences to draw on when making decisions, be they day-to-day or life changing. Researching your options choices but stop worrying about what obviously helps you make informed every Tom, Dick or Harry would do in your situation. Do what YOU want to do!

Have the confidence to realise what you believe in counts. You have friends, a partner, family and colleagues who all value the many different aspects of your personality. Celebrate this and use it to your advantage i.e. to bring happiness into your own life.

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