You may not have time for a weekend getaway or even afternoon coffee with a friend,  but you do have five minutes, don’t you? Great! Try one (or all) of these easy, uplifting tricks for instant bliss.

Lie Down

Research shows that it’s easier to deal with bad news and criticism when you’re lying down versus sitting up.

Throw it out

Getting rid of clutter doesn’t just create space in your home, it clears your mind, as well. You can find something (those skinny jeans that taunt you, perhaps?) that’s just taking up space – recycle, donate or ditch it.

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Colour your world

Bye-bye Blues; Hello bright hues. Looking at things that are yellow or green can boost happiness, says research. Stock the fruit bowl with lemons, bananas, and apple or set your computer’s desktop to a grassy green.


When all else fails, have some chocolate – cocoa stimulates your brain’s reward centre, so you feel better after just one bite. Dark chocolate is the healthiest, but plain old M&M’s are okay, too!

Swap mopey music for upbeat stuff

People who listen to positive music while trying to be happier are more successful than people who listen to any old playlist.

Instant bliss

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