Embracing solitude doesn’t mean escaping from the overwhelming reality. It’s more about enriching your inner world and putting external influencers on pause to benefit your personal traits and characteristics.

The more we learn to slow down, living mindfully and simply do what makes us happy and brings joy – the more we are making the most of our time ♡

Don’t take short-cuts. Don’t multi-task. Do one thing at a time, completely, in the moment.


Keep each thing in its place. Work at the office, play at home.

Toss the digital watch, go analogue.

Embracing Time

One way or another; we all are guilty of one thing: something very precious that we are spending mindlessly: TIME. We tend to spend time on things that we really don’t enjoy and aren’t good at only to end up feeling frustrated not knowing why.

Embracing Time

This is exactly why it’s crucial to letting go of the desire to fit everything in a day. It’s important to take time for yourself, to invest your time in what is personally relevant and meaningful, because time, in the eternal scheme of things, passes swiftly. Just look at this year! I fail to understand how it’s already December, I still remember setting my intentions for 2018 a year ago.

What can you do today to embrace time?

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