Giving your bathroom a five-star hotel glow-up will transform your home life entirely. Introducing the best lighting, soft furnishings, accessories, and scents will keep you relaxed and enjoying your home space for longer. We’re here to inspire you into creating a hotel bathroom in your home. Once you have transformed your space, every night will feel like a night away in a hotel, from fresh accessories and soft furnishings to symmetry and new shower systems, take a look at our tips for creating a hotel bathroom at home.

Creating A Hotel Bathroom at Home

Focal Points

It’s time to make a statement. Using your bathtub as a focal point will create a central focus in the room. This is the foundation of creating a beautifully designed hotel-style bathroom. A free-standing style bathtub, such as stone baths, adds the five-star feel straight away.

. If your bathroom is smaller and lacking in storage, consider a built-in, marble bath with additional storage and space to feature your accessories.

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Your lighting is key to illuminating your bathroom to a five-star level. If you are featuring a free-standing bath, we recommend a drop pendant or chandelier featured over the centre to complete the focal feature. Additionally, including lighting strips under your bathroom counters will add definition to your room, including additional lighting and areas for your eyes to focus without giving off a clinical feel to the room. You should always illuminate your vanity mirrors, this creates a hotel feel, giving more light for cosmetic purposes, particularly if your bathroom doesn’t have windows.

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Digital Showers

We all dream of the perfect shower at the perfect temperature with the perfect pressure. This now exists! With a smart and digital shower, you can integrate your shower system with your smart home technology system, giving you the ability to voice activate your shower, creating a shower profile for all the family, and delivering a sensational shower experience. A smart shower is the next generation of showering, giving the five-star luxury hotel the feel you so desire. 

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Symmetry is key to designing a bathroom of five-star quality. Doubling up will create a beautiful feel in your room. Double sinks, double taps, lighting on either side of the mirror, plants on either side of your vanity area with two seats at your vanity desk if you have the space. If you have the space for a walk-in shower, always create space for two showerheads. The symmetry will introduce a luxury hotel feel and experience for you to enjoy every single day.

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Luxurious Skincare Products

Give your beauty routine a shake-up with Arran ~ Sense of Scotland‘s curated collection of luxury skin care products.

Soft Furnishings

Upgrading your towels to luxuriously thick bath sheets, paired with a standard bath towel and hand towel each provides you with your very own towel to use even for just your hands. Have you noticed in hotels there are always plenty of towels to use? It’s time to replicate this at home! You want to experience pure luxury each day so always have enough towels on hand.

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